TOWIE: Megan McKenna brands Chloe Lewis "bitter" and teases "not so pretty" showdown

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TOWIE star Megan McKenna has branded Chloe Lewis "bitter" and has teased that things "won't be pretty" when she confronts Chloe about her latest rumour.

The Only Way Is Majorca hit our screens on Sunday night (17 July) and fans saw Megan and Chloe's feud reignite, after tensions continued to grow between the girls.

Last series, the girls fell out over Chloe's claims Megan had slept with her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall (Megan and Jake both deny this), and now, Chloe has accused Megan of 'dirty grinding' on another guy, not boyfriend Pete Wicks, during a pool party in Marbella...

Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna discuss Chloe Lewis, TOWIE
18 July


Megan outright denied that was the case when Danielle Armstrong informed her of the rumour, and she raged about Chloe for targeting her once again.

Megan vented on the show: "She needs to shut her mouth. She's a secret slag. It's an absolute load of s**t. She's a slag. She needs to f**k off trying to ruin our relationship. She's a drip. 'Aw, Chloe Lewis, I'm so perfect and special.' No, I've had it with her."

She had been in Spain with Pete's BFF James Lock, and Lockie vouched that Megan hadn't done so to Pete. That didn't stop Pete from getting angry, though, and he told his co-stars he wanted to confront Chloe about the rumour.

Now, he has claimed his co-star is "unstable", while Megan has branded Chloe "bitter" in a new video shared by ITV on TOWIE's official website.

Having their say on the latest drama, Megan insisted: "Chloe Lewis is just being bitter."

Pete, meanwhile, said Chloe is still caught up on the breakdown of her romance with Jake.

He said: "To be fair, Chloe is a nice girl, but she's obviously unstable as far as I'm concerned. Where her relationship has broken down, which is nothing to do with us - it's been broken down for f**king years, obviously she sees me and her quite happy it's probably got to her quite a bit... all this crap she is talking about in Marbella, [Megan] grinding on people, she was out there with all my mates...

"When you look at strong relationships, they don't fall apart based on rumours, they fall apart based on facts. Chloe's got no facts. The only fact of it is, is that she's unstable and her relationship was pretty much over before me and Megan got together, and before Megan was even around on the scene."

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 1: Chloe Lewis


TOWIE series 18, Episode 1
Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna


Megan then accused Chloe of trying to ruin her relationship with Pete.

She added: "It's going to upset me because how much more sh*t can I actually go through? The fact that I'm happy and I've got a boyfriend, Pete's the most amazing boyfriend, she's still got this massive problem with me. She's trying to f**k my relationship up, it's ridiculous."

She promised viewers that she will be confronting Chloe and warned: "It won't be pretty... let's just say that." Eek.

Following Sunday's episode airing, Megan and Pete proved that they aren't letting Chloe's latest accusations phase them.

Megan tweeted after the show, along with a photograph of herself and Pete: "So many people don't believe in me, and I don't give a sh*t, cause I'm here for the ones that do."

Pete re-tweeted her message.

TOWIE continues Wednesday 20 July at 10pm on ITVBe.

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