TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong hits back after being called a 'sh*t-stirrer'

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TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong has hit back on Snapchat, after being called a 'sh*t-stirrer' for telling Megan McKenna about Chloe Lewis' latest rumour about her.

On the show, Danni filled Megan in, after Chloe claimed to the girls that she had seen Megan 'dirty grinding' on another guy during a pool party in Marbella. Megan asked Danni if she was joking, before outright denying Chloe's claims.

Fans had seen Danni asking her boyfriend Lockie on advice, after hearing the rumour from Chloe. He told her it was best to tell Megan and her boyfriend Pete Wicks, otherwise it would look worse if she knew and didn't say anything.

TOWIE: Danielle, Chloe and Megan from Series 18, Episode 1


Now, Danni has found herself being labelled a 'sh*t-stirrer' on Twitter.

Many did jump to Danni's defence and said that she had done the right thing by telling Megan, but that didn't stop Danni taking to Snapchat to have her say.

She addressed those that criticised her for stirring the pot and told them: "When we do scenes, obviously if Chloe Lewis is going to mention something, that means on camera Megan is going to find out.

"I'm the one out of all the girls on that side of the girls that is probably closest to Megan, so I was the one probably going to have to tell her. Didn't really want to, but this is a reality show people. It's going to have to happen.

"The show needs drama. The reason why it's good and you lot watch it, is because of things like this. I totally get how Chloe Lewis feels, I'd be angry if someone slept with my boyfriend, but at the end of the day, I get where Megan is coming from because there's another rumour and she is happy with Pete."

Danni then added: "On Wednesday's episode, I am even more stuck in the middle, I'm completely honest with both girls. So anyone that is calling me a sh*t-stirrer... [sticks her middle finger up], there's that."

Tensions have been rife between Chloe and Megan, after Chloe accused Megan of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall in the last series of the show. Megan and Jake have both denied this, but Chloe has insisted she can't "bear the sight" of Megan.

TOWIE series 18, Episode 1
Megan McKenna


Megan broke down after Danni revealed Chloe's latest rumour.

Megan, meanwhile, claimed Chloe is purposely trying to ruin her romance with Pete. She told Pete there was no truth in Chloe's claims and Lockie said he could vouch for Megan as he was with her in Spain.

Reiterating that she understands both sides when it comes to Chloe and Megan's fallout, Danni had tweeted following the episode: "I totally understand @ChloeLewis01 feeling the way she does but also get @Megan_Mckenna_ now angry... Totally in the middle #awks #TOWIE."

Reveal had caught up with Danni ahead of TOWIE returning with its new series, and she had predicted that she may come across as a 'sh*t-stirrer' on the show.

She exclusively told us: "I was supposed to be the mediator, but I have a feeling I'm going to come across as a bit of sh*t stirrer. I know how TOWIE works…"

Danni insisted: "My heart was in the right place, I just want everyone to get on, but that's never going to happen."

Megan, meanwhile, has said she "doesn't give a sh*t" if people don't believe her when it comes to Chloe's rumours. She tweeted a photo of herself and Pete after the show, telling her followers: "So many people don't believe in me, and I don't give a sh*t, cause I'm here for the ones that do."

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