TOWIE star Megan McKenna reacts to Chloe Lewis rumour: "I don't give a sh*t"

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TOWIE star Megan McKenna has told fans she "doesn't give a sh*t" if people don't believe her when it comes to Chloe Lewis' latest rumour.

TOWIE returned to our screens last night (17 July) and fans learned that things between Megan and Chloe are still pretty tense. The girls had fallen out last series, after Chloe accused Megan of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall - although, Megan and Jake both denied they had.

Chloe and Megan then came face-to-face again in Mallorca, and both girls made it very clear they do not like each other. Now, they have clashed over another rumour, as Chloe claims she had seen Megan "dirty grinding" on another guy during a pool party in Marbella...

TOWIE series 18, Episode 1
Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna


Chloe told her co-stars: "I just feel like everywhere I am at the minute [Megan] is in my face with Pete. I don't like her and I never will like her. At the end of the day, they might be all loved up and all the rest of it, but I when I met her at a pool party in Spain and she's dirty grinding with someone else. I saw her grinding with someone in a bikini. I was shocked she was doing it in front of me, to be honest."

Megan, who is currently dating Pete Wicks, broke down when Danielle Armstrong told her about the rumour and she accused Chloe of deliberately trying to ruin her relationship with Pete.

She denied that there was any truth in Chloe's claims, and Pete, not surprisingly, said he wanted to confront Chloe about what she has said.

Reacting at the time, Megan raged: "She needs to shut her mouth. She's a secret slag. It's an absolute load of s**t. She's a slag. She needs to f**k off trying to ruin our relationship. She's a drip. 'Aw, Chloe Lewis, I'm so perfect and special.' No, I've had it with her."

TOWIE series 18, Episode 1
Megan McKenna


Lockie tried to comfort an increasingly enraged Megan, telling her: "She doesn't know what to say next. She's trying her hardest now to f**k you two up." He and Danielle also said they'd been at the party and could vouch for Megan doing nothing wrong.

Following the episode, Megan took to Twitter and shared a picture of herself and Pete with her followers. She tweeted alongside it: "So many people don't believe in me, and I don't give a sh*t, cause I'm here for the ones that do."

Suggesting he firmly has his girlfriend's back on this one, Pete re-tweeted Megan's tweet.

Chloe, meanwhile, told her followers on the social media site: "A leopard never changes its spots."

Megan McKenna tweet following latest Chloe Lewis rumour, TOWIE
17 July

© Twitter / @Megan_McKenna_

Reveal had caught up with Megan ahead of TOWIE's new series airing and she told us that she wasn't surprised by Chloe telling another rumour about her.

She exclusively told us: "It really doesn't surprise me to be honest, but obviously it's not nice because I've got a relationship on the show, and when there are rumours floating about, it puts pressure on that. Pete is quite protective over me and you will get to see that side of him this series. It's nice to have someone that has my back as much as Pete does."

Megan added: "I feel like now it is scary having a relationship and real feelings on the show because there is always going to be things that happen. That's why I didn't really enjoy Palma that much, not because of everyone there, but because it is more of a stress as your real life is involved now."

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