Love Island: Emma-Jane Woodhams moves on from Terry Walsh/Malin Andersson drama

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Love Island star Emma-Jane Woodhams is moving on from *that* Terry Walsh/Malin Andersson drama, telling her Twitter followers it is "the end of a chapter."

Emma, who is now dating Terry, has seen herself get caught up in Terry and Malin's bitter split, but it seems like the trio are now putting the past behind them.

Last night (17 July), fans finally got to see Terry apologise to Malin for publicly dumping her on TV and moving on with Emma so quickly. Emma tweeted that she was "so glad" her beau was finally seen apologising on camera, as now they can all get closure and focus on moving forward.

Love Island's Emma and Terry head to wrap party
14 July 2016

© Twitter / @emmajwoodhams

Emma tweeted: "So glad they have finally showed Terry apologising... He has been doing it for three weeks it's just not been aired!! #theendofachapter."

To recap, Terry had initially coupled up with Malin just days after his arrival to the Love Island villa. The pair really hit it off and became the first couple to make their romance official on the show.

Their time together was cut short, however, as the public voted to dump Malin from the island. At the time, Terry had vowed to leave with Malin, but later decided to stay and continue his experience on the show.

In the days that followed, he confessed that he wasn't missing Malin "one bit" and admitted he had been planning on ditching Malin before she was voted out. Terry told his fellow islanders their romance had started to "drain him."

Emma then arrived at the villa (as Tom Powell's ex-girlfriend) and Terry quickly claimed himself to be single again. He pursued a romance with Emma, which led to them openly having sex on the show in full view of the cameras and the other islanders.

Malin, who had been watching at home, admitted she was "hurting" and got the chance to confront Terry for moving on so quickly. She surprised him by returning to Love Island, but instead of getting the apology she wanted, things became very heated between the pair.

Malin told Terry he was being "mugged off" by Emma, while he told Malin her leaving was the "best thing" that had happened to him on the show.

Following their confrontation, Malin told fans she was "done and dusted" with Terry. Although, she did have to reunite with him a second time at the show's wrap party.

Love Island: Terry and Malin reunite at cast party
17 July 2016


Love Island: Terry and Malin reunite at cast party
17 July 2016


Their reunion was filmed for Love Island: Heading Home, and viewers saw Terry tell Malin he was sorry for the way he treated her.

He explained: "When you walked into that restaurant I had no idea you were coming Ma. I was on the back foot straight away. That conversation didn't go where I wanted it to go at all. I was so surprised you were there I was on the backfoot so I'll start again, knowing I'm going to see you: I am sorry for hurting you."

Malin replied: "It's done now and in the past. That's literally it. I don't want to talk about it or have anything bad. I wish you both the best. Treat her well."

Terry added: "I never wanted to hurt you like that. I just hope we can be friends because I still think you're a good person."

Malin then told him she wanted to be "civil" and she appears to have cleared the air with Emma too. Not only was she pictured with Emma at the wrap party, when Malin tweeted that tuning in to the reunion show was going to be awkward, Emma responded: "Its ok babe we are all good now (sic)."

As for Terry and Emma, their romance seems to be hotting up. Following the episode, Terry revealed he is planning on asking Emma to be his "girlfriend."

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