Love Island: Terry Walsh reveals he is going to ask Emma-Jane Woodhams to be his girlfriend

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Love Island: Terry Walsh has revealed he is going to ask Emma-Jane Woodhams to be his girlfriend...

There's one condition, though. He wants to get approval from Emma's parents first.

Love Island's Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams at the wrap party
15 July 2016

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Taking to Twitter, Terry announced his plans to pop the girlfriend question with his followers. He tweeted following last night's Love Island: Heading Home episode: "Just to update u because they didn't show it once Iv met Mr and Mrs Woodhams and if they approve of me I'll ask @emmajwoodhams to b my gf (sic)."

Eek... sounds like things are getting serious between himself and Emma, no?

Fans had watched both Terry and Emma discuss putting a label on their relationship, with both admitting they are ready to make things official.

Emma had told her family she "wouldn't say no" if Terry asks her to be his girlfriend, while Terry told his mates he had hoped to play it cool with Emma, but confessed he is actually pretty smitten.

The couple got together while living together in the Love Island villa, and their romance was deemed slightly controversial, as Terry had been dating fellow islander Malin Andersson.

Terry and Malin had been official on the show, but their romance was cut short when Malin was later dumped from the island by the public. At the time, Terry had vowed to leave with Malin, but later decided to stay and continue his experience.

In the days after Malin's exit, Terry confessed he hadn't missed her "one bit" and told the islanders he had been planning to ditch her before she was voted out of the show. He claimed he was single, and fans later saw Terry get together with Emma (Tom Powell's ex).

Love Island episode 36: Malin returns to confront Terry


Malin had been watching on the outside and admitted it had "killed her" to see Terry move on so quickly. She actually got to confront him and made a surprise return to Love Island.

Things got pretty heated between the ex-couple and instead of getting an apology from Terry, he told Malin her leaving had been the "best thing" that had happened to him.

Malin assured fans she was "done and dusted" with Terry, but did eventually get an apology from him. Fans saw Terry tell Malin he was sorry during yesterday's reunion show.

He said: "When you walked into that restaurant I had no idea you were coming Ma. I was on the back foot straight away. That conversation didn't go where I wanted it to go at all. I was so surprised you were there I was on the backfoot so I'll start again, knowing I'm going to see you: I am sorry for hurting you."

Malin replied: "It's done now and in the past. That's literally it. I don't want to talk about it or have anything bad. I wish you both the best. Treat [Emma] well."

She and Emma have also appeared to clear the air. When Malin tweeted that it was going to be "awkward" tuning into Love Island: Heading Home, Emma responded: "Its ok babe we are all good now (sic)."

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