Big Brother: Lateysha Grace is EVICTED in shock 'Annihilation Week' twist

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Big Brother: Lateysha Grace has become the sixth housemate to be evicted from the house, despite being a favourite for the final, thanks to a shock 'Annihilation Week' twist.

Last night (13 July), viewers watched as Jason was given the power to evict one housemate. He and the rest of the house had been put to the test, and were given the chance to bag themselves £20,000 of the total prize money.

If they chose to take it, they would secure their place on the show, but would be forced to pick one housemate to then leave.

Jason evicts Lateysha Grace from the Big Brother house
13 July

© Channel 5

Lateysha Grace gets evicted from the Big Brother house
13 July

© Channel 5

Four people chose to press their button in a bid to become £20,000 richer. Jason was the first housemate to his his buzzer, meaning he had to choose one housemate to evict.

He decided to evict Lateysha.

Trying to explain his decision, Jason told the former Valleys star that he had taken the money to secure his own place in the show. When told by Lateysha that he doesn't need the money, Jason explained his decision wasn't money-motivated, but he did see it as a chance for his own survival.

When making his decision, Jason had said: "I apologise for this... I truly mean that. I haven't done it for the money. I don't give a sh*t about that. That means nothing to me. But... I did it purely for survival reasons. That's the only reason. The reason I choose the other person, I'm doing it because I think that other person is going to win it, so it gives everyone more of a level chance. That person has had a lot of attention in the past, some of us haven't been put in that position."

The rest of the housemates were shocked by his choice, but Lateysha reassured them: "It's fine. Guys, it's fine. I get to see my baby."

Lateysha Grace gets evicted from Big Brother
13 July

© Channel 5

Jason, meanwhile, defended his decision: "I didn't take the easy option. Everyone would have expected me. I took the person out that I haven't got involved with, haven't got on with... that's Lateysha. We are the two people that have been most distant... I personally don't believe you should leave a baby at home."

Lateysha later learned that one of Jason's reasons for picking her was because she has a daughter waiting for her on the outside, 10-month-old Wynter, and she hit back that her reasons for being on Big Brother were to benefit her little girl's future.

She told Jason: "I'm skint on my a*se, ok? I'm a single mum. This opportunity came up for me, why the f**k am I not going to take it to win a bit of money for me and my daughter? Who wouldn't?"

"You don't understand. You drive a f**king Aston Martin, you own various properties, f**king businesses. You're greedy for doing that in there. Everyone in here deserves it much more than you. Everyone."

Lateysha added: "I just want to let you know that coming in here has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I wanted to get to the final. For her... I've got no time of day for you. You'll be out next."

Lateysha Grace and Jason Burrill, Big Brother
13 July

© Channel 5

Lateysha appeared on Big Brother's Bit On The Side last night and speaking to host Rylan Clark-Neal, she claimed she "wasn't shocked" that Jason had picked her.

Explaining that she and Jason had never really seen eye-to-eye, Lateysha told him: "To be honest, from the moment I came in that house, I don't think he liked the fact that I was very confident and overpowering... he did see me as a threat.

"I just felt very awkward around him. We didn't really argue or anything, but I wasn't shocked when he said my name."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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