Lateysha Grace gets 55,000 new Instagram followers after twerking mishap on BBBOTS

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Big Brother star Lateysha Grace suffered a pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while twerking on Big Brother's Bit On The Side - her dress ripped open exposing her bum...

Awkward, right? But nothing Lateysha couldn't handle and she took the mishap all in her stride, despite it being aired across the country last night on Channel 5.

Rylan Clark-Neal had asked Lateysha to show him how to twerk on the panel show, and more than happy to, Lateysha got up to demonstrate. Unfortunately for her, though, the zip that ran down her dress burst open, baring her derriere and her pink thong in full view of the camera.

Lateysha Grace appears on Big Brother's Bit On The Side
13 July

© Channel 5

Lateysha Grace appears on Big Brother's Bit On The Side
13 July

© Channel 5

Shocked, and in fits of laughter, Lateysha quickly sat herself down on the sofa. She said: "Oh for f**k sake."

Following the episode airing, Lateysha seemed to make light of the situation and tweeted: "And to top all that off my dress decides to split mid twerk #toomanydigestives #bbuk #bbots."

Speaking after the show, Lateysha revealed that she could have been left even more red-faced, as she was planning on ditching her underwear before heading on set.

She explained: "About 30 seconds before I was due to enter the BBBOTS studio I had a little pose in a full length mirror in the toilets, the lighting in there was awful so I decided against a selfie, but I could see a big panty line from my thong.

"I hate VPL and so I was about to whip my knickers off and go without, because it was a really long skirt, so no one would know any different, or so I thought. Imagine how 'shamed I'd be if my actual whole bum was out, I think I would have died in Rylan's arms."

The former Valleys star added: "Thank god I shaved those legs."

Since her twerking fail aired onscreen, Lateysha has seen her Instagram followers jump up by 55,000. Crazy, huh?

Lateysha Grace appears on Big Brother's Bit On The Side
13 July

© Channel 5

Lateysha had been on BBBOTS to discuss her shock eviction from the Big Brother house.

The housemates had been taking part in 'Annihilation Week' and were told they could win themselves a share of the total prize fund, on the condition that they then choose one of their fellow housemates to leave.

Jason pressed the button to bag himself £20,000 and chose Lateysha to become the sixth evictee of the series. He explained his decision to press the button wasn't money-motivated, it had been for his own survival in the house.

Lateysha was then told that part of Jason's reasons for evicting her was because she had a daughter, 10-month-old Wynter, on the outside. She hit back at him: "I'm skint on my a*se, I'm a single mum and I have to look after her. Why wouldn't I take this opportunity to earn a bit of money?"

Speaking about his decision on BBBOTS, Lateysha said: "To be honest, from the moment I came in that house, I don't think he liked the fact that I was very confident and overpowering... he did see me as a threat.

"I just felt very awkward around him. We didn't really argue or anything, but I wasn't shocked when he said my name."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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