Exclusive: Love Island's Cara de la Hoyde has her say on *that* Katie Salmon/Sophie Gradon drama

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Love Island star Cara de la Hoyde has had her say on *that* fallout between Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon.

Fans will remember that shortly after Sophie's boyfriend Tom Powell was voted out of the villa, she agreed to couple up with Katie Salmon - and become the villa's first ever same sex couple.

At the time, Sophie had seemed pleased to be paired with Katie, but she later became wary of the damage it would do to her relationship with Tom. Sophie cooled things off with Katie and later quit the villa to reunite with Tom on the outside. Her actions made her fellow islanders slightly suspicious of her motives, and Sophie felt like they - including Cara - had given her the cold shoulder.

Sophie Gradon leaves Mallorca after quitting Love Island

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Love Island episode 40: Cara and Nathan on a date outside the villa


Sophie and Cara had been close on the show, and she felt like Cara had shut her out following her drama with Katie.

So much so, that on her exit, Sophie admitted to feeling "isolated" by the group. She told Reveal: "There were times when I felt like I was back at school. I felt a bit victimised and I felt a bit left out..."

Many had called Sophie out for game playing, after she chose to ditch Katie for Tom following a tweet that compared her to Terry Walsh - he had left ex-girlfriend Malin Andersson for Emma-Jane Woodhams, after Malin was dumped from the island.

Love Island episode 38: Katie and Sophie talk


Sophie has denied "doing a Terry" on Tom and she has insisted she had made her feelings clear to Katie. Sophie said she and Katie had been on it together, thinking if they coupled up with each other they would make the final, and Sophie stressed she had told Katie their relationship was purely platonic.

That didn't come across onscreen, however, and at the time, Cara had refused to talk to Sophie.

She explained in the beach hut: "I've not been ignoring Sophie; I've just been keeping myself to myself a little bit... I'm not angry with Sophie, she's not done anything to me personally but I just don't want to be involved. I think what she's done is a little bit wrong, but she hasn't done it to me."

Having her say on the situation now the show has wrapped up, Cara added: "It was just quite hard for me Katie is very young. She's 20, Sophie is 30. I personally, its not my business to be involved – nothing happened to me directly, so I don't have a problem with Soph, but I did feel that if she did have such strong feelings for Tom, she should have maybe held back a little bit with Katie.

"It was getting to the final week, I wanted to have fun. I didn't want to be brought into any drama. I had been everyone's agony aunt for five and a half weeks and I didn't want any of that for the last week. That was it."

Before leaving the villa, though, Sophie did manage to clear the air with Katie and her co-stars. And proving that there are no "hard feelings" between herself and Cara, Sophie told her followers she was rooting for them in Love Island's grand final earlier this week (11 July).

She tweeted: "Come on Nara #loveisland #inthebag."

Cara and Nathan did go on to win the show, and congratulating the winning couple, Sophie added in a second tweet: "CONGRATULATIONS NATH & CAR! 54% of the vote out of 4 couples!!!! Amazing."

Love Island: Heading Home airs on Sunday 17 July at 9pm on ITV2.

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