Exclusive: Love Island: Nathan Massey admits he thought he was being "friend-zoned" by Cara de la Hoyde

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Love Island star Nathan Massey has admitted he thought he was being "friend-zoned" by now girlfriend Cara de la Hoyde.

Cast your minds back to the very early days of Love Island, and you'll remember Cara wasn't so keen for things to progress with Nathan when it came to the bedroom. She explained because of the nature of her work (she is a burlesque dancer and has dabbled in Playboy in the past), boys can judge her, but she likes to take things slow when it comes to her relationships and getting intimate.

So much so, that she even made Nathan wait before bestowing him with a kiss, something which he admits made him think Cara was trying to fizzle things out romantically.

Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde
13 July

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Speaking to Reveal, after touching back down in London, Nathan explained that although he had to graft harder, Cara was definitely worth the wait.

He told us: "At the start, I thought I was being friendzoned. But, obviously, I'm a grafter and I really liked her from the get go.

"I also took into consideration that she didn't want to jump into bed with me and that made me respect her a lot more than sleeping with me the first night. It was a chase. It made me want her even more and to make me wait for just a kiss, it goes to show she is a decent girl."

That didn't stop Nathan getting frustrated, though, and he did end up upsetting Cara by claiming she was "frigid."

Admitting it was a sore point, Cara revealed it was the only argument she and Nathan hadn't been able to resolve straight away. She said: "The only time we didn't [sort things out straight away] was when he called me frigid, so the next day I was walking around in my thong with my bum out."

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, contestants on ITV reality show 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

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Luckily, they did clear the air and Cara explained why Nathan's comment had hurt her so much.

She told him during a slightly awkward beach date: "You touched a nerve. What's my job centred around? All my work is centred around sex, so when people see me, it's always that environment and I'm naked. So when I like someone, I hold back. Even kissing, for me it's a big deal because of what I do for work."

Nathan replied: "I understand that. I apologise if I touched a nerve, but why didn't you just come and tell me that in the first place? I'm soz. I've learnt to take you a bit more serious."

From that point onwards, things only got better for the pair and viewers watched their romance unfold onscreen. They totally had us hooked, so it's no wonder Nathan and Cara were crowned this year's winners of the show.

Telling us why they think they managed to win us all over, Cara said: "There is some crazy connection between us, I don't know what it is. If I knew, I would bottle it up and sell it.

"We just click. As soon as he stepped in that pool, people didn't see it, but Caroline was like, 'Shut up', we was just constantly talking and they were trying to film. We couldn't stop laughing. From that first second I though, 'Even if this doesn't progress, I'm going to have a laugh with this guy.' It blossomed, we're best friends and he's my… boyfriend."

Nathan, meanwhile, gushed: "Before I went in, I said I want a woman with a nice bum [points at Cara], that can take banter because I'm always on one and there she was. She stepped forward for me."

Love Island: Heading Home airs Sunday 17 July at 9pm on ITV2.

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