Love Island's Nathan Massey, Cara de la Hoyde defend the show's steamy antics

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Love Island winners Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde have defended the show's steamy antics and their decision to have sex on TV.

You can't deny it, there was a *lot* going on in that bedroom this year. From Rykard and Olivia's secret rendezvous, to Emma and Terry doing the deed in full view of their islanders and every other escapade that unfolded underneath the sheets.

As a result, ITV2's dating show faced some criticism for its sexual scenes, but Nathan and Cara have hit back and told Reveal: "What do you expect?"

Love Island Final 2016: Cara and Nathan


We caught up with the winning couple after they touched back down in London, and Nathan told us: "There's all real feelings there, it's not a fling. Sex in a relationship is one of the main things. You need to have a sexual chemistry between each other. What are you going to expect throwing 15 odd people into one house, and you're laying in bed being physically attracted… it's hard."

Many are put off at the thought of their mums and dads tuning in to watch them getting down and dirty, but Cara shrugged this off. She explained for her and Nathan her parents had seen their relationship develop onscreen. They could see it was a genuine romance, and therefore, they weren't against the pair having sex in front of the cameras.

Cara explained: "We're all 20-year-old adults... For us, our parents have watched it and they've seen that me and Nathan had a relationship. It went through stages. I can't speak for everyone's parents, but our parents weren't offended by it. I think it would be different if it was bedhopping and going from person-to-person, the way me and Nathan did it, we didn't offend anyone."

Nathan had previously told Daily Mail that he had openly told his parents, if he found the right girl, he wouldn't be abstaining.

He revealed: "I said to my mum and dad if I find a girl in there, I wouldn't go in and sleep around because my mum and dad wouldn't like but I told them if I found a girl, sex in a relationship is a big thing."

"I said I will have sex. I think if you have genuine feelings for someone it's alright," he added. "If you're not rubbing it under someone's nose and you're doing it discreetly, it's a total different story."

Cara and Nathan are treated to a night in the hideaway on 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2HD

© ITV / Supplied by WENN

It's hard to imagine getting that intimate with your boyfriend and girlfriend, though, when everyone around you is getting up to all sorts too. We asked the pair if it was off-putting at all, and surprisingly, Nathan and Cara told us it wasn't.

Deciding to make light of the situation instead, Nathan said: "When the lights went off, I used to scream out like a commentator at the Grand National. That was quite funny. It wasn't [off-putting]. Everyone got on with their own thing."

He added: "Everyone was very respectful. We all became so close, that no-one really batted an eyelid."

Love Island: Heading Home airs on Sunday 17 July at 9pm on ITV2.

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