Big Brother: Josie Gibson reunites with John James for the first time in SIX years

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Big Brother stars Josie Gibson and John James were awkwardly reunited for the first time in SIX years on Big Brother's Bit On The Side last night (12 July).

BB fans will know that Josie and John James are exes and struck up a romance while living together in the Big Brother house back in 2010. We were all hooked by their relationship and knew that it was always more than friendship, no matter how much they both tried to deny it on the show.

Following their time in the house, Josie and John James made a go of their romance, but split a year later....

Josie Gibson and John James reunite on Big Brother's Bit On The Side
12 July

© Channel 5

With Josie based in Bristol and John James in Melbourne, it's not surprising the pair haven't exactly crossed paths since their break up. That is, until Rylan Clark-Neal decided to step in.

Yup, he reunited the pair and on camera for us all to see, as both Josie and John James joined him for last night's episode of BBBOTS.

Josie was already sat on the panel, but had an empty seat to the side of her. After introducing Josie, Rylan teased who would be joining her and said: "We've already got one J and here are two more... Reunited for the first time in six years. Give it up for John James."

As he made his way into the studio, Josie held a hand up to her head.

Josie Gibson reunites with John James on Big Brother's Bit On The Side
12 July

© Channel 5

John James, meanwhile, stumbled as he made his way over to Josie and after the pair briefly kissed on the cheek, Rylan asked him how he was feeling about seeing his ex-girlfriend again. John James joked: "I can't even walk."

He and Josie then awkwardly told Rylan they were "alright" at being reunited, and the conversation moved swiftly on to this year's housemates.

As the former couple got stuck into giving their views on the house, Rylan joked they may have a "domestic" on their hands as Josie and John James appeared to disagree with each other. Josie also called out John James for being a "tactical player" on the show.

She said: "I weren't a tactical player [in the house], but I know John was."

Following the episode airing, Josie joked about her reunion with John James on Twitter. She told her followers: "I've had three boyfriends my whole life and their like f**king boomerangs!!"

Oh, Josie!

Josie Gibson tweets about reunion with ex-boyfriend John James, Big Brother's Bit On The Side
12 July

© Twitter / @Josiestweet

It's not the first time she has been surprised by John James, as he actually sent Josie a surprise message back when she appeared on ITV's Loose Women in January earlier this year.

Josie had been on the show to discuss her new diet and lifestyle book and when conversation turned to her love life, and John James, the panel revealed they had a video message from him.

He said: "Hope you all had a Christmas and a good New Year's and to Josie you are looking very healthy at the moment and very happy with your new change of lifestyle. I wish you all the best with your upcoming book and all the success in the upcoming future."

Josie then joked: "He looks massive! I was hoping he would come on and look like a proper munter! You know what I mean?"

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