Love Island Awards 2016 : From Most Valuable Islander to Questionable Quote and Biggest Meltdown

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Most Blink And You'll Miss 'Em Islander

Poor Lauren never really stood a chance, coming in late, getting friend-zoned by Adam J and then getting dumped on the same night as Terry and Emma, who took all the headlines.

Most Likely To Have a TV Career

Nathan! Not only does he have a slew of TOWIE pals, he has the gift of the gab, a cheeky side and total banter. Could he be the next Ant and Dec? Minus, er, either Ant or Dec…

MVI (Most Valuable Islander)

Our hearts belong to Adam M! Okay, he didn't provide any of the big headline-stealing moments or find romance until the last minute, but there was something about his awkwardness and honesty that was so endearing it just had you rooting for him. And those metaphors! Can you imagine a Love Island without him? We'll miss him!

Adam Maxted on ITV reality show 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

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MVI: Adam M.

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde have a picnic date, Love Island
28 June


Most Likely To Have TV Career: Nathan.

Most Unknown Fact

Zara was Miss Great Britain*

Most Questionable Quote

"She was the egg in my bag of Haribo" - Adam M about Katie. We love the sentiment but is egg really the best Haribo? C'mon! It has to be the heart, surely?!

Most 'Oh My Gosh, We're Melting' Quote

"I'm all yours and you're all mine " - Alex to Olivia. Perfect.

Most Playground Moment

When Olivia tried to get Adam M and Tina to kiss, it totally reminded us of school discos and the whole, 'My friend fancies you, will you kiss them?' scenario

Zara Holland is forced to leave the villa, after finding out her mother is ill in hospital on 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2HD

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Most Unknown Fact: Zara was Miss GB.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are crowned the winners of Love Island 2016. Cara Choose to share half of her £50,00 prize money with Nathan on 'Love Island: Final'. Broadcast on ITV2HD

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Most Obvious Moment: Cara picking love.

Most Obvious Moment

Did anyone doubt for one second that Cara would choose money over love? Anyone? Anyone? *tumbleweed rolls past* We knew these two were the real deal!

Freakiest Moment

Adam M as a clown. That make-up!

Silent Hero

The show's musical director for spot on music choices throughout the show. Compilation album, pleeeease?!

Most Romantic Moment

There were so many! Scott's speech to Kady, Alex's to Olivia, that whole 'Be My GF?' gesture. But we reckon most romantic was when Rykard quit the show to follow the eliminated Rachel home, giving up his chance at the £50,000 prize and more time at the luxury villa in the sunshine.

Rykard Jenkins leaves Love Island
13 June


Most Romantic Moment: Rykard quitting

Love Island episode 36: Malin returns to confront Terry


Best Entrance: Malin.

The Islander That Stole Our Hearts

Olivia. She didn't have an easy ride in there, but that's maybe why we loved her so much. She was the Jess Hayes of this series in our eyes. She made a mistake with Rykard, she didn't pretend to hide her heartbreak when she got pied by Terry. She wasn't a game player - when she wasn't feeling it with someone, she was honest, she didn't play down her insecurities when it came to Alex (everyone can relate to that) AND she finally got her happy ending.

Best Entrance

Malin's sassy return. Casually strolling into a rooftop bar looking all gorgeous to confront her ex, who hasn't fantastised about doing that at least once? We do wish though it had been a total surprise for us viewers rather than teased the day before.

Most Sh*t Stirring Moment

Caroline Flack spilling the beans to poor Rachel about Rykard and Olivia's night in bed. We know Rachel would have found out eventually but telling her during an exit interview while she was next to Dan? Maybe tell the poor girl off-camera or let Rykard break the news!

Love Island episode 37: Olivia and Alex talk about their feelings


Most Beautiful: Alex.

Kady McDermott answers Love Island fans' questions in Beach Hut
July 2016

© YouTube

Biggest Meltdown: Kady.

Most Shocking Elimination

Malin's exit! Not only did it set off some pretty epic events - we're looking at you, Emma and Terry! - but it was so unexpected to both us and the islanders, who thought Terry and Ma were a power couple and shoo in for the finale.

Most Dramatic Moment You've Probably Forgotten

Remember Malia? No? Okay, we'll recap. She arrived at the villa and, er, basically left asap. After getting in a row with Kady over Scott and shoving her, security intervened and Malia was booted off the show.

Most Beautiful

Alex. That is all.

Biggest Meltdown

Kady's reaction to Tina banishing her to the hideaway so she could get to know Scott more . She properly MELTED DOWN and screamed at Tina: "You're a c***. Love you Scott... You're a b*tch. Your dress is sh*t. What the f**k is this game?"

Love Island episode 41: Adam and Katie get alone time in the hideaway, 9 July 2016


Best Forward Thinking: Adam M.

Love Island episode 39: Sophie


Best New Word: Sophie's Shapey.

Best New Word

Shapey, courtesy of Sophie!

Best Use Of Forward Thinking

Adam M's decision not to have sex with Katie drew laughter from some Twitter users, but the guy had a valid reason: he didn't want to screw up his chance at a WWE contract in the future by having sex on TV. Surely he should be commended for that? Plus, no awkwardness around the kitchen table when he returns home. Bonus.

The One Quote We Never Want To Hear Again. Ever. Ever.

"It's survival of the fittest."

Zara Holland in tears after learning that she had been stripped of her Miss Great Britain title, on ITV reality show 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

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Most Controversial Moment: Zara's dethroning.

Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh, Love Island
29 June


Most Misguided: Emma's sex belief.

Best Supporting Star

Olivia's nan! She spoke for most of us when she cheekily told Alex she wasn't a married lady! Get in line, nan!

Muggiest Moment

The whole Malin / Terry / Emma love triangle. Partly because it was so confusing. Why didn't we see the video message Terry sent Malin on screen?!

Most Controversial Moment

Zara losing her Miss Great Britain crown after having sex with Alex in the hideaway. For many, it wasn't the fact she was dethroned, but the way it was done, with a statement being issued to the public before Zara herself was told.

Love Island Episode 32: Sophie and Emma row


Most Unexpected Fight: Sophie and Emma.

Love Island episode 37: Kady and Scott make it official
5 July 2016


Best Use Of Music: Scott's gesture.

Most Random Row

Who knew a simple toastie could cause so much trouble? Terry made himself a toastie, Malin cut it up. Terry flipped out. Tbf to Tel, sitting down to eat that toastie had been the "highlight" of his night.

Most Misguided Moment

Emma's belief that having sex on TOP of the covers meant it couldn't be aired. Not quite, as we all found out watching her romp with Terry. It ended up gaining even MORE publicity than it would have if they'd just done it under the sheets like everyone else!

Most Unexpected Fight

Emma and Sophie's row after Tom's elimination. We knew things were frosty but we didn't expect it to get so heated so quickly. Insults were thrown, jibes exchanged, voices raised, until Sophie stormed off, leaving Emma to declare: "I'm going to stay here and smoke my fag while she thinks about what she's done."

Best Use Of Music

Playing Love Actually's theme music – the bit when Colin Firth dashed through Portuguese streets to find his love! – while Scott was asking Kady to be his girlfriend.

Most Irritating Couple

The Superdrug couple. Sorry.

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