Love Island: Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon get fans excited as they prepare to meet TODAY

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Love Island's Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon are meeting today!

We're SO invested in the reality stars' relationship that even a tiny, otherwise inconsequential tweet from fitness trainer Tom, 24, gets us mega excited! Like, mega, mega excited!

Love Island Series 2: Tom Powell
24 May


Sophie Gradon on Love Island
Series 2


The tweet in question, posted on Monday afternoon (10 July), simply said: "On route to London to meet @sophiegradon."

Two show co-stars meeting? What's the big deal?

Love Island's Tom tweets that he's going to meet Sophie
10 July 2016

© Twitter / @thomasj_powell

Anyone else excited?!

Well, Love Island fans will know this definitely IS a big deal, considering everything that's happened in the past week.

To recap: Tom and former Miss Great Britain Sophie, 30, were officially boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa. They had their ups and downs and briefly split before getting back together.

Sophie and Tom in the bottom two, Love Island
30 June


Sophie with Tom the night he was eliminated.

But then, Tom was eliminated and had to leave Sophie behind. He told her he loved her and would be waiting on the outside… but just a few days later she'd kissed model Katie Salmon, 20, and coupled up with her.

Tom, needless to say, was rather confused and tweeted "done". But then Sophie did a U-Turn after the islanders learned what the public thought about them and one tweet compared Sophie to Terry Walsh, who ditched eliminated girlfriend Malin Andersson for Emma-Jane Woodhams.

Love Island episode 35: Sophie and Katie kiss


Sophie later kissed Katie.

Fearing she'd jeopardised her romance with Tom, Sophie cooled things with Katie, who was pretty furious and accused Sophie of messing with her emotions. Sophie then chose to quit the villa to see Tom.

Once out, Sophie insisted she and Katie had both devised a game plan to win by coupling up, but Katie was aware Sophie's heart lay with Tom. Katie, however, has denied this.

Love Island: Katie and Sophie row in episode 38


Katie was unhappy when Sophie cooled things with her.

Now the big question on everyone's lips is will Sophie and Tom give it another go? She certainly wants to, while he's said he loves her but doesn't trust her anymore.

After leaving the villa, Sophie told us: "I'm not going to do a Terry on him. There's far too many feelings there between me and him. It's still an open book with me and Tom – in my eyes we are still in a relationship and I've got to go home and reconcile with him as soon as possible."

Tom, meanwhile, told The Sun: "I don't trust her. I am just going to take it one step at a time and see what happened and see what she has to say .She needs to be 100 per cent honest to me… I don't want to hear any bullsh*t lies. I still love her. But I want to talk about it, I want to understand it. I want to know everything - no lies."

We've all been waiting for them to meet and talk it out.

Which is apparently happening today.

We're not the only ones eager to see what happens, as hundreds favourited Tom's tweet and left comments about his relationship with Sophie. Look what Love Island has done to us after six weeks!

Love Island's finale airs 9pm on ITV2.