Exclusive: Love Island star Tina Stinnes has "no hard feelings whatsoever" about her exit

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Love Island: Tina Stinnes has insisted there are "no hard feelings" between herself and Adam Maxted, after he chose not to recouple with her.

Adam not picking Tina meant she is the latest islander to be dumped from the show, and speaking to Reveal after her exit, Tina told us she had "expected" to go.

Tina Stinnes, Love Island
6 July

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Tina had chosen Adam to couple up with when it was the girls' choice to pick their partners, but revealed it was purely on a friendship level. She decided that she would enjoy the rest of her experience the most with him, even if there wasn't any chance of romance.

However, following Sophie's U-turn when it came to Katie Salmon (she decided her loyalties lie with boyfriend Tom and she has since quit the villa), Adam told Katie he was still there and interested if she wanted to couple up with him instead.

We asked Tina if she was annoyed by Adam turning his attentions elsewhere, as it would deem her fate, and she told us she wasn't.

She explained: "Obviously I didn't want to leave. I loved every moment of being in there, but I'm excited to get out. I felt like it was my time. I knew it was going to happen, it wasn't really a shock to me that I was leaving. There was a re-coupling, and I knew that I wasn't going to be picked for it, so I was prepared.

"If there was a genuine connection there between Adam and Katie, I would want them to at least try. Me and Adam were just friends. I never wanted Adam to even consider me for the recoupling, he needs to try with someone else. It's final time now, make that final try with someone – he hasn't had anyone in there. I'm not annoyed. I don't have any hard feelings whatsoever."

Love Island preview episode 38: Tina gets upset after Adam's love comment


Adam and Tina had clashed prior to re-coupling over Sophie's motives for cooling off her romance with Katie. She decided to stop their relationship from progressing, after reading a tweet that compared her to Terry Walsh. It claimed Sophie was doing the same to boyfriend Tom, as what Terry had done to ex Malin Andersson.

While Adam questioned Sophie having second thoughts after hearing the text and not before, Tina suggested it took the tweet for Sophie to realise how she really feels, as she had been confused.

She said: "Wait, I said from the beginning that was weird timing, but sometimes things make you realise. There are always two sides to things. You don't know what's going through someone's head."

Adam then hit back: "If you spent more time worrying about finding love, you might find it. I want to ask you about this, what are you looking for?"

Love Island preview episode 38: Tina gets upset after Adam's love comment


His comment brought Tina to tears and she revealed she was protecting herself from getting hurt, like she has been in the past.

She told us that she would have dropped her guard, if the right person had come along.

"I do have a guard up, but I think if the right person came in, my guard would drop and I would find it easier and I don't have to make that effort and try to make it work," she said.

"With the people in there, my guard was up because they were not someone that I was interested in and I found it a lot harder to drop that for someone when I know nothing will come from it."

At times, Tina had found the villa tough - especially as she hadn't found anyone to couple with.

Shedding some light on just how intense it can get, Tina told us: "I don't think anyone realises how hard it is going to be and how high your emotions run. Being in one place, there's certain things you missed and it was hard especially as I wasn't in a couple and there wasn't anybody that I liked. It was harder for me to feel comfortable, because you see all the couples and everyone loved-up – it did get to me a couple of time, but I did have the best time and even when I was upset, I didn't want to be anywhere else."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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