Love Island's Tom Powell hits out at ex Emma-Jane: "She's playing games"

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Love Island star Tom Powell has hit out at his ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane Woodham and accused her of being "up to something" in the villa.

Tom was left visibly shocked to see his former flame rock up on to the show, and he later had to watch Emma get it on with his pal Terry Walsh in full view of all the islanders.

There's no denying her arrival certainly caused a stir, and it ultimately created plenty of problems for Tom and his girlfriend Sophie Gradon.

Tom Powell, Love Island
29 June


Love Island: Episode 32 Emma-Jane Woodham has sex with Terry
30 June


Emma had befriended Sophie in the villa, and the girls seemed to hit it off quite well. Their closeness made Tom slightly uncomfortable and put strain on his relationship with Sophie, with Sophie briefly splitting with Tom.

Tom has now suggested that his split with Sophie could have been part of Emma's intentions, telling The Mirror in a recent interview: "Emma came in and stirred sh*t for me... When Sophie and I broke up she got a little bit happy and I didn't appreciate that."

"I'm not playing games any more. I was over her when she got into the villa. If she wants to play games I'll let her play games. She has a game plan. She could be up to something."

Sophie and Tom did rekindle their relationship before he was dumped from the villa, and Sophie's opinion of Emma appeared to change. She too questioned Emma's intentions on the show, and claimed she had been trying to get on Tom.

Sophie's second thoughts were prompted by Emma's decision to have sex with Terry. She had vowed not to do the deed on TV, but later decided to sleep with Terry, thinking that if they did so openly and not hidden under the covers it wouldn't have been aired.

Her actions shocked Sophie and she said at the time: "I think she's up to something. I think it was because Tom and I, under the duvet, were having a nice time together. She hopped on Terry because she thought, 'Anything Tom can do, I can do better.' I think I've been really naive, really naive. It just makes me think I can't take her word now; I can't take anything she's said to me."

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Her fellow islanders were confused by Sophie's change in attitude towards Emma, but it seem Tom shares the same sentiment.

He revealed following his stay in the villa, that Emma had actually sat on his and Sophie's bed after she had finished having sex with Terry. Tom claimed: "She decided afterwards to go to the toilet to clean herself up and then she came and sat on the corner of my bed with me and Sophie.

"Why would she sit on the corner of my bed after sleeping with Terry? It's strange. A small part of me thinks she did it to make me jealous and it was aimed at me and Sophie thinks it was aimed at me."

Terry's ex-girlfriend Malin Andersson has also accused Emma of "playing a game." She made a brief return to Love Island to confront Terry over dumping her and moving on so quickly, telling her ex-beau: "[Emma's] mugging you off mate. She's playing a massive game."

Terry, however, wasn't so convinced. He instead told Malin that his new flame was "more mature" than she had been, and said Malin's elimination had been "the best thing that has happened to him" on the show.


Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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