Vicky Pattison and ex-Big Brother star Luke Marsden clash over Alex Cannon

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Vicky Pattison has *majorly* clashed with former Big Brother star Luke Marsden, after he appeared to hit out at her BFF Alex Cannon.

Luke, who appeared on Big Brother as a housemate back in 2008, had joined Rylan Clark-Neal on Big Brother's Bit On Side earlier this week, and said about Alex: "Has anyone got anything to say? This cup has got more intelligence than he has."

His comments seemed to rub Vicky up the wrong way and defending her bestie, she hit back at Luke on Twitter. Vicky tweeted: "Catching up on tonight's #BBBOTS and I genuinely have to say that @LukeMarsden is an ill informed, jumped up, self righteous prize helmet!"

Cue the mass war of words between the pair...

Vicky Pattison shares selfie to Instagram
8 June

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Luke Marsden, Big Brother's Bit On The Side
5 July

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Yup, things got pretty heated between Vicky and Luke and the insults were flying back and forth between the reality stars. They both seemed to give as good as they got, with Luke hitting out at Vicky for her range of ventures, including her fitness DVD, her autobiography, her annual calendars and her MTV show Judge Geordie, while Vicky fired back a series of sassy responses in her defence.

Their exchange went a little like this...

Luke: "@VickyPattison if every single housemate was like Alex then we we'd all be better off doing something worthwhile like reading your book."

Vicky: "Variety is the spice of life sweetheart! And I personally believe everyone should read a times number 1 bestseller."

Luke: "I'll read it instead of watching Alex's #bbuk winners interview then..."

Vicky: "I mean, I forget... Your last book?! How did that do in the chart?! #enlightenme #patronisinglittletwerp."

Luke: "I couldn't find a ghost writer, can I have the number of yours?"

Vicky: "Sure sweets! I have every faith that with your huge fan base, witty repartee & general pleasantness it'll do great."

Luke: "If it flops can I go on the next series of 'Judge Geordie? You're judging me based on 2 mins on #BBBOTS so am I not entitled to judge Alex on his 2mins a day on #bbuk?"

Vicky: "But come on babes! Judging is my thing remember! I don't believe they call you 'Judge Pathetic Little Man' do they?! I mean.. I think they totally should! Have a nice day pet!

Luke then quipped he was off to do Vicky's fitness DVD, replying: "Have a good day, I'm off to do 7 day slim."

Vicky responded: "Be careful- with your lack of muscle tone you could hurt yourself! But good luck! And THANKYOU for being such a fan!"

Luke: "You're welcome 'hon' going to use your novels as weights #teamV."

Vicky: "You could just try lifting that huge chip of your shoulder? Or That heavy feeling of failure weighing on your heart?"

Luke Marsden and Vicky Pattison fallout on Twitter
5 July

© Twitter / @VickyPattison/@LukeMarsden

Vicky Pattison and Luke Marsden fallout on Twitter
5 July

© Twitter / @VickyPattison/@LukeMarsden

Their fallout continued and Luke suggested that he thinks Vicky is the reason why Alex will do well on the show. He tweeted: "When Alex wins #bbuk you can thank yourself, Queen Vicky. *cancels V Pat 2017 calendar pre order*"

Vicky hit back: "I already do! Queen of the jungle aren't I? ! And my 2017 calendar will be available for preorder soon! Signed copy?"

She added: "Here he is! Cheap shots fired by Mr 'I turn on wigan's Christmas lights every year'.. Bore off you nonentity."

Luke replied: "So that's a no to coming on my podcast then? You can plug whatever you want, TV shows, books, "your journey"."

Vicky: "@LukeMarsden I'm sorry hun but I doubt I'll have time for your little show! Apologise to your 6 listeners for me."

Luke: "@VickyPattison no prob babe, whenever you need promotion for your range of oven gloves or whatever you bring out next, let me know!"

Something tells us these two are really not a fan of each other, you?

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