Love Island star Troy Frith admits: "My time was up in the villa"

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Love Island star Troy Frith has said he felt like "his time was up" in the villa, so he wasn't surprised to find out he had been given the boot.

After being left without a girl to partner up with in the latest re-coupling, Troy had to go head-to-head with Adam J to try and win over newcomer Lauren Whiteside. In an unexpected twist, the islanders were told Troy and Adam would both have to date Lauren, and she would decide which of them would be dumped from the villa.

Lauren admitted her date with Troy had gone "better" than she had thought, but that wasn't enough to sway her into picking him. Instead, she chose to couple up with Adam - meaning Troy was immediately dumped from the show.

Love Island Episode 30: Troy bonds with Tina


Reveal caught up with Troy following his exit, and it sounds like the reality star had pretty much already accepted his fate.

He told us: "I felt like my time was up in there..."

So much so, that Troy had actually had a conversation with Tina Stinnes, telling her not to couple up with him. He had originally chosen Tina to partner with, giving her immunity at the time, and the pair had seemed to hit it off when they first met.

However, Tina soon became wary of Troy and it seems like that initial spark had begun to fizzle out. Deciding to take himself out of the equation, Troy explained: "I spoke to Tina before [re-coupling] and said, 'Don't put me in the mixer. My time's up, don't even think about choosing me.' Not in a rude way, but to make it easier for herself."

Love Island Episode 30: Troy bonds with Tina


Tina and Troy appeared to hit it off at first.

Prior to re-coupling, new boy Adam J had set his sights on Tina and she admitted she did fancy him - just days after coupling with Troy. That didn't annoy Troy, though, and he told us: "You can't be having hard feelings. I weren't annoyed, course not.

"If I could go back in time, I still would have chosen the same girl. I have no regrets in that sense. She's a nice girl. She still deserves to be in there."

In the end, Tina decided to couple with Adam Maxted on a friendship basis. Her decision meant Troy and Adam J were left to try and woo Lauren, but Troy admits he wasn't that interested in the new girl.

If she had picked him, though, he claims he would have tried to make it work.

"She wasn't my type, but I would have made her my type," Troy said. "I got to the level in there where I just wanted someone to have a laugh with. If I could have cracked on with her, I'm sure I would have. She wasn't ideally my type looks wise, but I still would have tried."

Love Island episode 37: Lauren dates Troy


Troy had to try and woo Lauren to save his place in the villa.

Troy added: "Adam J even said that she wasn't his type, it'll be interesting to see what happens there."

As for Troy, he's after a girl he can see himself having a flirt with.

"I want a good-looking girl, some one I can get along with. Not someone you can just have a chat with at night time, I want it to be day time and night time. Someone you can always go back to, have a laugh, have a flirt with and I'm attracted to," he said.

"I didn't really find that in there, but I'm sure I'll find someone when I get back home..."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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