Love Island welcomes a new islander who will save either Adam J or Troy!

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Love Island is about to welcome a new islander!

With just one week to go until the show's big finale, a newcomer is arriving on the scene to spice things up, leaving the islanders totally flabbergasted!

The big twist was revealed at the very end of Monday night's episode (4 July) after everyone had recoupled apart from newbie Adam Jukes and Troy Frith.


Love Island has a new islander, episode 36

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After everyone had recoupled, a text arrived that informed Adam J and Troy their future on the island would be decided by the mystery female, who was waiting in the hideaway.

"She will date both of you and choose who she wants to couple up with," read the text. "The boy who isn't chosen will leave immediately."


Love Island episode 36: women choose in latest recoupling


The girls had to choose their partners in tonight's recoupling.

Troy was then summoned to the hideaway, where we briefly glimpsed a woman with blonde hair waiting, two champagne glasses in front of her.

The new islander's identity will be revealed tomorrow night.

And we'll find out who she chose to save!

Love Island episode 36: women choose in latest recoupling


The twist was revealed right at the end, when Adam J and Troy were left single.

It was a disappointing night for Adam J, who had been grafting Tina Stinnes hard in the hopes of winning her favour. He whisked her off to a romantic dinner, and tried to make conversation with her during the day, before relenting and saying she was the hardest women he'd ever had to talk with.

Tina, meanwhile, admitted to the islanders she did fancy Adam J but felt there was no sexual chemistry, so she'd prefer to couple with Adam Maxted as friends, because she felt most comfortable around him.

Love Island episode 36: women choose in latest recoupling


Tina disappointed Adam J by choosing Adam M.

Love Island episode 36: women choose in latest recoupling
Katie Salmon


Katie coupled with Sophie.

Fellow newcomer Katie Salmon chose, as many had predicted, to couple with former Miss Great Britain Sophie Gradon, who was left solo when boyfriend Tom Powell was eliminated last week. Although Tom told Sophie he loved her and would wait for her, Sophie ended up kissing Katie during their dinner date on Sunday evening, prompting Tom to declare on Twitter he was "done."

The results of the recoupling, which saw the women choosing, are:

No change

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas
Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen
Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh
Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey

New couples

Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon
Tina Stinnes and Adam Maxted

Love Island episode 36: Terry reacts to Malin's return


Terry and Malin had a showdown!

Elsewhere on tonight's episode, Malin Andersson made her much anticipated return to confront ex-boyfriend Terry about how quickly he forgot about her and moved on to Emma-Jane, after Malin was eliminated. It was a fiery showdown with Malin warning Tel that Emma has a gameplan and the public are firmly Team Malin, and Terry hitting back by saying he didn't care and Malin's exit was the best thing that had happened to him.

Recap Malin and Terry's full confrontation here.

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.