TOWIE's Pete Wicks jokes he was "really happy" before he met Megan McKenna

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TOWIE star Pete Wicks has said that he used to be "really happy" before he met his girlfriend Megan McKenna.

A little harsh? Maybe, but we're pretty sure the Essex boy is just joking with us...

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks, Palma
3 July

© Snapchat / megan-mckenna

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks in Palma, Mallorca
3 July

© Snapchat / megan-mckenna

Pete's comment came after Megan was mocking her beau for always being 'miserable' on Snapchat. Fans of the couple will know that Pete isn't the biggest fan of Megan always being on Snapchat and she is often calling him a grump when he doesn't play ball with her on the social media app.

It's become quite funny to watch, and as the pair touched down in Palma, Mallorca, to film TOWIE's new series, Megan made sure to keep us all updated.

She filmed herself and Pete heading home from a night out on the Spanish island, and trying to get Pete to turn and look at the camera, she teased: "Mr Wicks. Mr Wicks. Mr grumpy boll**ks."

At that, Pete turned round and flashed two fingers up at the camera, prompting Megs to say: "Why is Pete always so f**king grumpy? Every time we're f**kng out..."

Pulling a smile for the camera, Pete interrupts: "Look how happy I am." But he doesn't have Megan convinced. She claims he's just "putting it on" and deciding to tease his girlfriend back, Pete quips: "Before I met Megan, I was really happy."

He later adds: "I'm in a really good mood, I just wish you'd put that f**king phone away."

Oh, you guys.

As much as they like to wind each other up, there's no denying that Pete and Megan are still totally smitten. You only have to look at the pictures of the pair by the pool in Palma to realise that!

Megs and Pete couldn't keep their hands off each other and judging by the grins on each of their faces, they couldn't be happier.

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