Gemma Collins stresses she hasn't addressed miscarriage for sympathy on Channel 5's In Therapy

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Gemma Collins has revealed her reasons for addressing having a miscarriage on TV, insisting she doesn't want people to "feel sorry" for her.

The former TOWIE star is set to appear on Channel 5 show In Therapy, and is set to open up on a miscarriage she suffered four years ago. Gemma will join therapist Mandy Saligari on the show and the pair will delve into Gemma's past and the issues she has had to face.

Her miscarriage is one of them, but Gemma has stressed she hasn't decided to talk about it so openly to gain sympathy.

Gemma Collins opens up about therapy on This Morning
4 July


Appearing on ITV's This Morning earlier today, Gemma explained her reasons for choosing to talk about her miscarriage in her therapy sessions.

She said: "I just want to make this clear. I didn't bring up the miscarriage because I want people to feel sorry for me... You do get a lot of people who say terrible things on Twitter. I did write about it in my book, but after writing the book I thought I had dealt with in my life."

Gemma admitted: "Going into therapy with Mandy, it was something I was carrying around with me very heavily. It was affecting my life in so many ways, relationships I was having, everything I was doing. I was hurting myself. With guys I'd gone out with, the decisions I was making, the people I had around me... everything was chaos. Seeing Mandy she made me stand up and take account for my life."

The 35-year-old fell pregnant back in 2012, but later miscarried at four and a half months pregnant. Gemma had been unaware that she was pregnant, as she had been taking a contraceptive pill.

She reveals on In Therapy that she was forced to give birth on her landing, after suffering from "excruciating pains" in her stomach.

Gemma also admitted on This Morning that she had struggle to deal with the therapy sessions for the show, and had made an excuse not to go on her second session.

She explained how she was stuck in traffic on her way to see Mandy and turned the car back around, prompting Mandy to head to Gemma's house and conduct the session there instead.

Gemma explained: "When I first went in there, I said to Mandy, 'Let's do this quickly. There's nothing wrong with me.' It was so raw going through the therapy experience, that actually all the things you've buried over the years you are now digging back up. I was so scared.

"I felt there was a lot of things going on, my life was totally out control and I needed to get control of it back. The show was suggested, and I decided to give it my all. I needed help. I decided to be totally honest and [Mandy] helped me."

Asked if she was nervous about her episode airing Gemma, revealed: "[I'm] very nervous because I've been so, so honest. Even my mum said, 'Oh my god Gemma what have you said on that show?' But in order to turn my life around, in order to get back on track, yeah [I had to do it]."

In Therapy With Gemma airs tomorrow Tuesday 5 July on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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