Big Brother: Laura Carter is left SHOCKED to see long lost love Bernard Belmar

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Big Brother: Laura Carter is left majorly shocked when she is reunited with her long lost love, international model Bernard Belmar.

As part of the house's latest shopping task, the housemates are being tested when it comes to temptation and to really amp up the stakes, some of them have the opportunity to be reunited with their loved ones. The catch is, they have to choose not to be.

If housemates give in to temptation, they risk losing points which can mean they fail the task. That, however, all goes out the window when Big Brother brings in the boyfriends...

Laura Carter reunites with long lost love Bernard Belmar, Big Brother
4 July

© Channel 5

Andy, Emma and Laura are told to head out to the garden and position themselves behind a screen. They are each given a red buzzer that they can press to turn the screen around.

The trio are then told that behind each screen is somebody close to their hearts. If they choose to turn for them, they can enjoy a reunion, a romantic dinner date and a night with them in The Other house, but Big Brother stresses they are *not* allowed to give into temptation.

First up, it's Emma's turn and as soon as she hears her boyfriend Josh's voice she runs over to him. Laura is next and she breaks down when she hears who is waiting for her.

Bernard tells her: "I crossed an ocean to see you... press the button."

His voice is enough to make Laura break down in tears, and clearly shocked by Bernard being there, she starts shaking.

Laura says: "Oh my god, oh my god... no way. What the hell?" She asks Bernard: "How are you even here?"

What's the connection there, then? Anyone else now super intrigued?

Laura Carter reunites with long lost love Bernard Belmar, Big Brother
4 July

© Channel 5

Laura Carter reunites with long lost love Bernard Belmar, Big Brother
4 July

© Channel 5

Andy then finds out that his boyfriend is waiting for him and, not surprisingly, he too chooses for the pair to be reunited.

And his decision clearly pays off as Andy's boyfriend actually proposes to him. It's actually Andy who asks his beau to marry him first, but then his partner says he "can do one better" and gets down on one knee, after pulling out a ring from his pocket.

When he asks Andy to marry him, Andy replies: "I will, of course, I will."

Long lost loves and an engagement?! Something tells us this episode is going to be an emotional one...

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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