Big Brother: Andy reunites with boyfriend and he PROPOSES

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Big Brother: Andy reunites with his boyfriend as part of the house's latest shopping task and gets ENGAGED.

Yes, really! Andy's beau has one very big question to ask him when the pair come face-to-face and it looks like congratulations are now in order for the pair.

Andy West's boyfriend proposes on Big Brother
4 July

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In a new video shared by BB, Andy's boyfriend is seen waiting for him in the garden. The housemates are asked to step in front of a screen and are told that behind them are three of their loved ones. Each loved one is asked to reveal their identity, and Big Brother stresses that housemates are not allowed to turn around. But obviously they just can't resist.

On hearing his other half's voice, Andy breaks down in tears and turns around. He joins his boyfriend in the garden for a dinner date and while the pair are popping open a bottle of champers to celebrate their reunion, Andy says: "Will you marry me?"

His boyfriend, however, can do one better.

After telling Andy he would marry him, he then pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee. He asks: "Will you marry me?"

Andy, who is in floods of tears at this point, replies: "I will, of course, I will."

He then says: "I'm so lucky. I knew it before, but being in here, I can't live without you."

Andy tells his housemates he just got engaged and the congratulations come flooding in. Cute, right?

Like Andy, Emma is reunited with her boyfriend Josh, while Laura is greeted by a long lost love. All three decided to turn around and join their loved ones, meaning they get to enjoy their dinner together and spend the night with them in The Other house.

As the trio have given in to temptations, it means the house will lose points when it comes to this week's shopping task. With a ring on his finger though, we can't imagine Andy will be too fussed...

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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