Love Island: Rykard Jenkins makes a dig at Sophie Gradon, Terry Walsh?

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Love Island: Rykard Jenkins has appeared to make a dig at his co-stars Sophie Gradon and Terry Walsh, suggesting they haven't been "real" with their feelings on the show.

Both Terry and Sophie had been in official romances on the show, but fans have already seen them move on with other people. Terry had been coupled with Malin, but struck up a romance with Emma-Jane Woodham days after she was voted out of the villa, while Sophie had put a label on her relationship with Tom Powell, but has now turned her attentions to newcomer Katie Salmon.

Seeming to take a swipe at his co-stars, Rykard agreed with fans on Twitter that claimed Sophie and Terry may not have been genuine when it came to their past romances.

Rykard Jenkins leaves Love Island
13 June


Fans had pointed out that Rykard's feelings for Rachel Fenton appeared to be "real", as he chose to quit the show to try and make their relationship work.

Rachel had been voted out of the show by her fellow islanders, and Rykard decided that he wanted to leave too, as he didn't see any point to being in the villa without her.

It proved to be the best thing for the pair, especially as Rachel learned on her exit about Rykard sleeping with Olivia Buckland behind her back. The fact that Rykard chose to leave the show, proved to Rachel that he did care about her.

She said: "The fact that you left, it does mean quite a lot. If you had stayed in there, then I probably would have never wanted to see you again. That does make me feel like this is honestly real. I really doubted everything."

Since then, Rachel and Rykard have made their relationship official.

Sophie and Terry, meanwhile, have both had their partner voted out of the villa, but they both decided to stay and continue their experience.

Appearing to hit out at them, Rykard re-tweeted a fan's tweet that read: "You know it's real if they leave @ItsRykard didn't chat sh*t. Wanted the girl so he left."

He also re-tweeted another that said: "Shame no one else was like @ItsRykard ... Left with the girl he liked and is happy with her now. What a decent bloke..."

Terry had vowed to leave the villa on Malin's exit, but later decided to stay as he didn't want to leave the other boys behind. He then went on to confess that he wasn't missing Malin "one bit" and admitted he had even been thinking about dumping Malin before she had left.

Malin, meanwhile, said it had "killed" her to hear Terry say that, and she was later left devastated when Terry struck up a romance with Emma and had sex with her on the show.

Terry Walsh, a contestant on ITV reality show 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

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Love Island star Sophie Gradon
7 June


She, however, will get to confront her now ex as Malin will be heading into the villa to surprise Terry.

Sophie, meanwhile, had broken down in tears when she was separated from boyfriend Tom. Despite splitting briefly, Sophie and Tom had rekindled their romance prior to him leaving the show, and Tom had even dropped the L-bomb before he left.

However, he has recently said he is now "done" with Sophie, after seeing her kiss new girl Katie. Katie had asked Sophie to join her on a dinner date, and after discussing their mutual attraction for each other, the girls have locked lips.

Tom tweeted: "I'm a loyal guy and will 100% remain loyal until she's unfaithful... #CountingTheMinutes."

He then added: "Done... Sophie's stood there wearing my T shirt then going on a date with someone else…. Awkward."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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