Love Island: Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton make their relationship OFFICIAL

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Love Island: They may not be in the villa anymore, but Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton have proven their romance is still going strong...

How? They've only gone and made their relationship OFFICIAL. Eek!

Rachel Fenton and Rykard Jenkins
29 June

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Since leaving the show, Rachel and Rykard have made it pretty clear they are still smitten with one another. We've had loved-up selfies and plenty of Snapchats, but the pair hadn't answered the one question we were all itching to know: are they now boyfriend and girlfriend?

Luckily for us, though, their co-star Zara Holland has spilled the beans for them, revealing that Rachel and Rykard are now an official couple.

She broke the news during a recent interview with FUBAR radio, saying: "I saw Rachel, we met up in London, she's going out with Rykard now… they are official. It did [work out well], which is nice."

Fans had seen Rachel and Zara had reunited for a girly lunch, and it sounds like it was the perfect opportunity for Rachel to fill her friend in on her exciting news.

We're so glad to hear things have worked out for the pair!

Fans will remember that it wasn't exactly plain sailing for Rachel and Rykard. They faced a major bump in the road when Caroline Flack revealed on Rachel's exit that Rykard had slept with Olivia Buckland behind her back.

To recap, Rykard and Olivia had been coupled together, but they claimed it was purely friendship between them. Rykard then took a shining to Rachel and their romance seemed to progress, after they enjoyed a romantic date in the hideaway together.

However, the next night, viewers were left shocked to see Olivia and Rykard getting intimate in the bed next to Rachel. Olivia and Rykard had to share a bed because they were coupled up.

While fans had questioned whether Rachel had seen, she was asleep and was clueless until Caroline filled her in. Prior to Caroline's bombshell, Rykard had said he was going to leave the villa and head home with Rachel because there was no point him staying on the show without her.

Rachel Fenton finds out the truth about Rykard Jenkins, Love Island
13 June


Rachel Fenton finds out the truth about Rykard Jenkins, Love Island
13 June


Not surprisingly, Rachel was shocked to hear about Rykard's antics and told Caroline she felt "betrayed" by him.

She got to confront Rykard after he decided to quit Love Island, and questioned whether his feelings for her were genuine. Rykard assured Rachel they were, telling her: "I know it hurt you and I know it's hurting you now, but please believe me you were going to know... We knew it wasn't right.

"If I could go back and not do it, I would not do it."

Rachel Fenton confronts Rykard Jenkins, Love Island
13 June


Rachel replied: "You need to build a bit of trust back up. It's a massive thing for me. You know I've been cheated on in the past, it's difficult for me to trust... The fact that you left, it does mean quite a lot.

"If you had stayed in there, then I probably would have never wanted to see you again. That does make me feel like this is honestly real. I really doubted everything."

Sounds like Rykard has managed to turn it all around!

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