Love Island: Twitter criticises Emma and Terry for rowing with Sophie AFTER Tom was voted out

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Love Island: Fans have reacted to *that* huge row with Emma-Jane Woodham and Sophie Gradon in last night's episode of the show, and it seems like they are not happy with the way Emma and her beau Terry confronted Sophie...

Tensions had surfaced between Emma and Sophie, after Sophie slammed Emma for sleeping with Terry so openly on the show - after vowing she would never have sex on TV.

It all boiled over between the girls when the latest dumping was revealed, and some fans have taken to Twitter to criticise Emma and Terry for confronting Sophie so soon after her boyfriend Tom had been voted out of the show.

Love Island Episode 32: Sophie and Emma row


Love Island Episode 32: Sophie and Emma row


Sophie and Tom had been chosen by the islanders as one of the villa's weakest couples, along with Adam and Liana. Caroline Flack then revealed that the public had been voting to save one person from each pairing, meaning the other had been ditched from the island.

Tom was dumped, along with Liana, and Sophie was left in tears at his exit. She then told some of the girls: "That's Emma's game plan ruined..."

Sophie had previously said her opinion of the 19-year-old has changed after she went back on her word not to sleep with Terry. Emma had thought that if she didn't have sex under the covers, it wouldn't be aired on the show.

Sophie then accused Emma of intentionally sleeping with Terry because she saw Sophie and Tom in the bed next to her. She believes Emma was purposely trying to get at Tom, her ex-boyfriend.

The islanders tried to play down Sophie's theory, but it slightly makes more sense now, as Tom has claimed Emma came and sat on his bed, after she'd slept with Terry.

He said: "She was half naked bouncing on top of him, actually naked, moaning and groaning and she decided afterwards to go to the toilet to clean herself up and then she came and sat on the corner of my bed with me and Sophie.

"Why would she sit on the corner of my bed after sleeping with Terry? It's strange. A small part of me thinks she did it to make me jealous and it was aimed at me."

Love Island Episode 32: Terry and Emma sleep together


Although Tom has only just revealed details of Emma and Terry's sex scenes, tweets posted during last night's episode appeared to show fans siding with Sophie following her fallout with Emma.

Emma had confronted Sophie over her "game plan" comment, flanked by Terry. He claimed that Sophie clearly had a problem with them as a couple. Things continued to get heated, and Sophie shouted at the pair: "Are you both going to f**king stand up and shout at me? Are you both going to come at me? Do you want to talk about this like f**king adults and sit quietly and talk?"

When Emma said she wanted to speak in front of everyone, Sophie decided to walk away. Although, she did try to return when she overhead Terry saying to Emma: "She's done to you what she did to Tom."

The islanders made sure to separate the pair, and Sophie headed inside leaving Emma and Terry in the smoking area.

Fans were left unimpressed with the way Emma and Terry handled the situation, accusing the pair of confronting Sophie when she was at her most vulnerable and after Tom had left the villa.

They also slammed the other islanders for not sticking up for Sophie.

One user commented: "Watching #LoveIsland from last night. Amazing how everyone just stood and watched Terry & Emma shout at Sophie after Tom leaves. #idiots."

Another added: "#LoveIsland get terry&Emma out Shameful to wait until tom left 2gang up on Sophie.Terry pulled tom 2one side why not do the same with Sophie! (sic)"

Tom himself made sure to show his support for his girlfriend, telling fans he was on "#TeamSophie."

His tweet came in response to former Love Island star Josh Ritchie. Josh had said: ""It's out of order how they booth went at her then. cant believe one guy didn't stand up for Sophie wow. #loveisland spesh when tom left (sic)."

Others, however, backed Emma when it came to her fallout with Sophie. They claimed that Sophie was in fact the one playing games in the villa, and didn't agree with the way Sophie had spoken about Emma behind her back.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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