Love Island's Tom Powell reacts to Sophie Gradon's HUGE fight with his ex Emma

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Love Island star Tom Powell is sticking by his girlfriend Sophie Gradon and has made it very clear he is 'Team Sophie' following that HUGE row she had with his ex Emma-Jane Woodham.

Fans will know that it all kicked off between Sophie and Emma in last night's episode of the show. Tension grew between the girls, following Emma's decision to have sex with Terry Walsh in full view of her fellow islanders (and not under the covers), despite vowing never to do the deed on TV.

Sophie said Emma's actions had totally changed her opinion of the 19-year-old and she believes Emma slept with Terry to intentionally get at her ex-beau Tom. Tom was then voted out of the villa, prompting Sophie to claim "Emma's game plan has been ruined", and Emma calling her out for her comment...

Love Island Episode 32: Sophie and Emma row


Emma asked Sophie to elaborate on what she meant by "game plan", she said: "You've been talking to everyone in this f**king villa today but not me! It's not fair! All I've done is make an effort with you since I got here. We were fine yesterday, until me and [Terry] got it on last night."

Terry also got involved, saying Sophie clearly had a problem with them. Sophie retorted by saying Emma could explain the problem to Terry herself, prompting Emma to laugh: "Oh? I want Tom back? Should I go pack my bags and leave with him now?"

Sophie said she'd never accused Emma of wanting Tom back, but she did think Emma liked to stir things up. Emma and Terry continued to hit out at Sophie, leading her to shout: "Are you both going to f**king stand up and shout at me? Are you both going to come at me? Do you want to talk about this like f**king adults and sit quietly and talk?"

Reacting to the argument on Twitter, many criticised Emma and Tom for cornering Sophie when she was on, and Tom had just left the villa.

Former Love Island star Josh tweeted: "It's out of order how they booth went at her then. cant believe one guy didn't stand up for Sophie wow. #loveisland spesh when tom left (sic)."

Josh's tweet caught Tom's eye, and while he hasn't directly commented on the fallout, he made sure to stand by girlfriend Sophie, replying: "#TeamSophie."

Tom Powell tweets support for Sophie Gradon
30 June

© Twitter / @ThomasJ_powell

Tom and Sophie had coupled up on the very first day in the villa, and later made their relationship official.

When Tom's ex Emma arrived into the villa, it put strain on his romance with Sophie - especially as Emma and Sophie had appeared to hit it off straight away. Tom struggled to accept the girls' friendship and tension grew between him and Sophie, with Sophie then deciding to call off their relationship.

She told Tom she could no longer deal with his mood swings and accused him of "treating her like sh*t." Tom, however, made a conscious effort to change his ways in attempt to win Sophie back.

Sophie and Tom in the bottom two, Love Island
30 June


His efforts worked and viewers saw Sophie tell Tom she was ready to "start a new" and give their relationship another go - gushing that he has now become the man she would want to take home to her parents.

Sadly, though, the couple were split in two as Tom was voted out of the villa, along with Liana, in the latest public vote. On leaving, he told Sophie he loved her.

He later confessed to Caroline Flack: "Yes, I did [tell Sophie I love her]. I realised weeks ago. I'm just crazy about her."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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