Love Island: Malin reacts to news ex Terry Walsh has had SEX with Emma-Jane Woodham

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Love Island: Malin Andersson has reacted to news her ex-boyfriend has already had SEX with Emma-Jane Woodham and not surprisingly, she hasn't taken it so well.

After reading Reveal's article on Terry and Emma's antics under the duvet, Malin tweeted: "What the f**k.. Sex?"

Oh, Ma. We feel for you!

Malin Andersson reacts to news Terry Walsh has had sex with Emma-Jane Woodham
30 June


In tonight's episode, fans will get to see Terry and Emma's relationship progress - despite Emma previously vowing to never have sex on TV. She had told her fellow islanders she wouldn't be doing the deed in the villa and appeared to shoot Terry down when talk turned to potential bedroom antics.

Emma had said: "I told you, no sex on TV. I'm not joking! I'm sure you'll survive."

Now, though, she seems to have backtracked and Terry and Emma end up getting it on. Emma confesses: "Me and Terry had a bit of a kiss and a cuddle when we went upstairs last night. My pops is very disapproving, so he won't like that very much."

She even tells Olivia: "I'm well p***ed off with myself this morning."

Prior to Emma's arrival, Malin had been coupled with Terry and the pair had made their romance official. Despite putting the boyfriend/girlfriend tag on each other, though, Terry was quick to claim he was single again and dumped Malin just days after she was voted out of the villa.

On hearing that he and Emma have already sealed the deal, Malin added in a second tweet: "Ah not a nice feeling at all..."

Malin had previously revealed that Terry had asked her to "wait for him" on the outside. When she was ditched from the island, Terry initially vowed to leave with Malin, but later chose to stay and continue his Love Island experience.

Malin told The Sun: "When I left, I was put in lock down for a day and that is when I was told he wasn't leaving. I was allowed to video message him but that wasn't shown and he sent me one.

"He said to me 'I'm not here for the girls, I'm here for you. I'm here to enjoy the experience with the lads now, I'm looking forward to spending my time with you on the outside so just wait for me.' He's completely gone back on that word."

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh after Andersson was eliminated from the ITV reality show 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

© ITV / Supplied by WENN

Malin with Terry before her exit.

Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham kiss on date, Love Island
27 June


Terry kisses Emma on their date.

At the time of her interview, Terry and Emma had only just been getting together. Faced with the prospect of her ex-beau moving on, Malin said: "His feelings for me were so genuine and vice versa. I just don't understand how he can go from having that to going straight for Emma as soon as I left.

"Terry having sex with Emma is my worst case scenario right now."

Sounds like he has a LOT of explaining to do, no?

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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