Love Island: Sophie Gradon falls out with Emma after she has sex with Terry

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Thought Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham had become fast BFFs? We did too, but apparently Sophie is now *not* speaking to Emma.

Why? Well, because she had sex with Terry Walsh.

Sophie Gradon, Love Island
30 June


Love Island: Episode 32 Emma-Jane Woodham has sex with Terry
30 June


News that Terry and Emma have done the deed totally shocked us here at Reveal HQ, and it sounds like some of the islanders had a pretty similar reaction.

So much so, that Sophie is has now said she can't bring herself to talk to Emma because she thinks she is playing a game. Prior to getting down and dirty with Terry, Emma had vowed never to have sex on TV.

She had seemed pretty set in her ways, so Sophie is now questioning why the 19-year-old has made such a U-turn.

She tells Olivia: "I think she's up to something. I think it was because Tom and I, under the duvet, were having a nice time together. She hopped on Terry because she thought, 'Anything Tom can do, I can do better.'"

Sophie continues: "I think I've been really naive, really naive. It just makes me think I can't take her word now; I can't take anything she's said to me. I can't even speak to her today. I'm shocked and I don't trust her."

Olivia, however, points out that Emma isn't the only one making a U-turn. Defending Emma she says: "You were so friendly with Emma yesterday and today it seems like you're gunning for her. I'm close with Terry and I just think Emma needs a break. I don't get it. How you can go from being friends with her yesterday?"

Sophie responds that she thinks Emma has deliberately befriended her to get back at her ex Tom - Sophie's on/off beau.

Sophie Gradon falls out with Emma, Love Island
30 June


Sophie replies to Olivia: "Because I was shocked by what happened last night. I think it was purely a dig at Tom. That's why I can't bring myself to speak to the girl; I think she's playing a game.

"Her being friends with me is all to get at Tom. It's Tom's ex girlfriend and I think she's doing it to get at Tom, so it is kind of my business. You can all make up your minds for yourself but I'm starting to feel wary."

Fans had been surprised that Emma and Sophie had been getting on so well, considering Emma arrived at the villa as Tom's ex-girlfriend and Sophie had been dating Tom at the time.

Despite their situation, the girls appeared to hit it off and in last night's episode, Sophie had been gushing over Emma, choosing her as her "favourite girl in the villa without a doubt."

Sophie's friendship with Emma had put strain on her relationship with Tom. He accused Sophie of spending more time with his ex than him, prompting Sophie to later call off their romance.

She claimed Tom had been "treating her like sh*t" and told him she needed some space. Since then, Tom has been grafting hard to win her back and it seems like his efforts could be working. Sophie recently revealed she has been missing her beau and that she liked seeing the change in Tom.

Unluckily for them, though, Sophie and Tom have been chosen as one of the villa's weakest couples. The islanders had to vote for the two pairs they thought were the weakest, choosing Sophie and Tom and Adam and Liana.

Tonight, Caroline Flack will drop that bombshell that the couples will be separated. The public have been voting for one person from each couple to stay in the villa, the other will be dumped.


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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