Love Island: Twitter reacts to Emma and Terry's "genuine feelings" for each other

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Love Island: Twitter has hit out at Terry Walsh and new partner Emma-Jane Woodham and their "genuine feelings" for each other.

Last night (29 June), fans got to see the villa re-couple and while there were no surprises, Terry coupling with Tom Powell's ex Emma did cause a bit of a stir. Especially when Emma brought up the fact that she and Terry have "genuine feelings" for one another...

Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh, Love Island
29 June


Let's recap.

So, Terry was coupled up with (now ex) girlfriend Malin Andersson, but soon decided he wanted to be single after she was dumped from the island. Initially, Terry had vowed to leave with Malin, but later chose to stay to continue his experience and he then confessed he wasn't missing Malin one bit.

Oh, and he revealed that he was also planning to dump Malin before she was voted out of the villa. Ouch.

Since then, Terry has claimed he is "single" again and set his sights on Tom's ex Emma. Their romance has started to progress, with Terry branding Emma "a breath of fresh air."

Following a successful date, Terry (not surprisingly) chose Emma to couple up with him in last night's re-coupling. Explaining his reasons for picking her, he said: "Once Malin left, it gave me a couple of days to really analyse what I wanted and what I don't want. [Emma] coming in was a breath of fresh air, there's no pressure and she's absolutely gorgeous."

That didn't sit well with Malin who was watching, and she responded by tweeting: "Say my name again b*tch."


Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham, Love Island
29 June


After the re-coupling, the islanders were then told they had to vote in their pairs for who they think are the two weakest couples. Those two couples will then be put to the public vote, with viewers deciding who they want to stay from each couple, and who they want to send home.

Each pair then went off to discuss their decision, with Emma telling Terry she thinks they are safe becuase they have "genuine feelings" for each other.

She said: "Looking at us compared to other couples in here, I think we're quite strong because we've got genuine feelings."

Terry agreed, leading many fans to comment on Twitter. They slammed Terry for not being genuine, reminding Emma that he was also meant to have "genuine feelings" for Malin - his girlfriend - but was quick to turn his attentions elsewhere.

One user said: "Haha Emma to Terry, we're ok because we have real feelings for each other, my god girl don't u remember Malin (sic)." Another added: "Emma, Terry had genuine feelings for Malin too. Yet he dropped her quick time. You're just his next plaything (sic)."

Something tells us Terry may have fallen out of favour, you?

Judging by the tweets posted during last night's episode, many thought Terry and Emma would be listed as one of the two weakest couples.

Some seemed annoyed that the pair were saved, as the other islanders didn't want to vote for Terry because he was their friend.

One user tweeted: "Terry went Olivia to Malin to Emma and wasn't voted one of the weakest couples because he was people's 'friends' he's a snake #LoveIsland."

Another said: "Terry and Emma should've been chosen. He dropped Malin within a day of her leaving so can't be that strong with Emma! #loveisland."

Instead, the two couples chosen were Adam and Liana and Sophie and Tom - meaning Sophie and Tom really will split after their break up. Sophie had called time on her romance with Tom after she claimed he was pushing her away with his mood swings. However, Tom had been making a conscious effort to change in order to win back Sophie. His efforts didn't go unnoticed and Sophie claimed she "liked the new Tom", suggesting the pair could have given things another go.

Host Caroline Flack will return to the villa in tonight's episode to reveal which two islanders will be staying, and which two islanders have been given the boot.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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