Big Brother: Nominations put strain on Georgina and Jackson's relationship

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Big Brother: Nominations are putting strain on Georgina and Jackson's relationship...

For those who aren't up to speed, Georgina and Jackson's romance has been hotting up lately and the pair are now even calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Although, their new label has appeared to cause a few complications for the pair, as the couple's fellow housemates have been having their say on their relationship.

We all saw Emma and Georgina fall out after Georgina overheard Emma criticising her to Jackson, and now Jackson has an issue with Emma, after she decided to bring his name into her reasons for nominating Georgina...

Jackson Blyton admits friction between him and Georgina, Big Brother

© Channel 5

Got it?

This week, Georgina faces eviction alongside Jayne, Andy and Evelyn and in a new video shared by BB, Jackson confronts Emma over her reasons for nominating his new flame.

He seems to have heard back Emma's nominations and others, and he isn't happy to hear that they had brought his name into the situation.

Emma says she only spoke of Jackson because she doesn't like the way Georgina treats him sometimes. She apologises for nominating Georgina, prompting Jackson to hit back: "I understand that people nominate her and have the personal reasons... it's because my name was mentioned.

"As soon as my name is mentioned it causes friction between me and my Mrs. My Mrs turned round to me today and said, 'I have to distance myself from you because people are going to be putting me up every week,' for being with me.

"You've got to understand that from my point of view, as soon as my name was mentioned, she's thinking she needs to step away from me because she wants to be in here for her own personal reasons."

Emma then reponds: "The truth of the matter is since you have come back here, we don't talk to you anymore, we don't see you. In my eyes, I'm like is that personal? If everyone is individually thinking that, we didn't plan that, we've not spoken about our nominations. People have said that off their own backs... It's just drama that you don't want around you."


Georgina and Jackson grow closer
Big Brother, 21 June 2016

© Channel 5

Georgina and Jackson grow closer
Big Brother, 21 June 2016

© Channel 5

Georgina, meanwhile, has her say on the situation in the diary room. She says: "It annoyed me that everyone mentioned Jackson in my nominations, it is really hurting him. I said I would distance myself from him, but I don't want to distance myself from him. Use valid reasons for nominating me."

From the get go, Jackson made it very clear that he fancies Georgina - he said he was attracted to her because of their different backgrounds and his charms seem to have won her over.

Georgina, meanwhile, agreed that they are very different. She has previously said on the show: "It's a clash of cultures definitely. He really thinks a lot of me and I'm not sure why. He makes me out to be like some goddess!"

Despite her reservations and her "shocking flirting game" (according to Jackson), the pair's romance has managed to progress. Can it last out their latest tension, though?

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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