Love Island's Sophie Gradon not ready to date again after Tom Powell split: "It's too soon"

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Love Island's Sophie Gradon doesn't seem quite ready to date again following her split from Tom Powell.

The 30-year-old former Miss Great Britain had the chance to pursue a romance with newcomer Oliver Maxwell Fernandez, after Oliver admitted he liked her and felt a "connection" he didn't feel with anyone else.

Love Island Episode 30: Sophie and Oliver talk


Love Island Episode 30: Sophie and Oliver talk


But Sophie said she wasn't ready.

"So much pressure!" said Soph.

"I'm going to be honest. I just feel it's too soon for me to really get to know you any further. I think you're lovely, calm. pleasant, really nice to speak to. You're absolutely gorgeous but right now... [shakes her head]."

Sophie added in the Beach Hut: "You know when you know, you just know. I think I'd eat him alive."

Poor Oliver!

Things got even worse for him as he was DUMPED that night! Oliver and fellow newcomer Troy Frith only had one day to secure their place in the villa and, unfortunately for Oliver, the girls voted to save Troy because of his burgeoning romance with Tina Stinnes.

Love Island episode 30
Tom tells Sophie he wants to fight for her


Meanwhile, could Sophie give Tom a second chance? On Tuesday night, viewers saw Tom apologise for his actions and vow he would prove to her he's a changed man. But Sophie didn't seem convinced.

"I f**ked up big time with you," said Tom. "This whole thing has made me rethink the whole situation and make me rethink me and you. You've made me change."

But Sophie replied: "Have I made you change in a day Tom? A day?"

"I promise you that this whole situation has scared the life out of me so much that it's made me never, ever want to be like that again," he said. "You matter the world to me. You're my main priority, there's nothing else that compares to you. You're the one thing that I have to look after in this life. I've never wanted to fight for something as much in my entire life."

"Hand on heart, I will try everything to make this work because you do mean the world to me and I can't let this go like this," he added. "I'm never going to look elsewhere. I just can't risk losing this feeling. I just wanted you to know."

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