Love Island: Kady and Olivia "feel really bad" for Malin as her ex Terry moves on

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Love Island: Kady McDermott and Olivia Buckland finally have their say on Terry Walsh moving on from (now ex) girlfriend Malin Andersson...

And in short - they're not happy.

The girls were good friends with Malin and after she was dumped from the island by the public, Terry quickly announced himself to be single and has now struck up a romance with newcomer and Tom Powell's ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane Woodham.

Olivia reacts to Terry's new relationship with Emma, Love Island
28 June


Terry Walsh kisses newcomer Emma-Jane Woodham, Love Island
28 June


Fans saw Terry venture out on a date with Emma and the pair shared a quick peck, with Terry telling the newbie: "It's weird. It's been a quick turnaround with me and Malin. She is a lovely girl, but I just don't think we're right for each other. It's nice coming here with you as a breath of fresh air and a clean start."

Understandably, Malin was not impressed to watch that back and reacted on Twitter by confirming she is now single. She has since taken a swipe at Terry by posting Adele lyrics that read: "Send my love to your new lover. Treat her better."

Hitting out at her ex-beau even more, Malin claimed Terry is "playing the game" and revealed that he had told her to "wait for him" on the outside.

Up until now, no-one had really seemed that phased by Terry turning his attentions elsewhere. But, in tonight's episode of Love Island, Malin's BFF in the villa Olivia admits she is not ok about the situation.

She says: "It upsets me but it doesn't surprise me, because he did it to me. I think Malin always had that in her head."

Kady, meanwhile, admits she feels bad for Malin. She tells Olivia: "I'm really shocked at how quickly he's moved on and I'm really struggling to be around Terry and Emma. I am a girl's girl and I can't help but put myself in Malin's shoes and I do feel really bad."

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh, contestants on ITV reality series 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2 HD.

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Terry had been coupled up with Malin.

Malin and Terry had coupled up together just days after his late arrival to the villa. They then became an official couple and Terry had vowed to leave with Malin when she was voted out, but later chose to stay.

After spending a few days without Malin, Terry then confessed to his fellow islanders that he wasn't missing her at all. He then revealed he had planned to break off his romance with Malin, before she had been dumped.

Terry said: "I'm just not missing Malin one bit. I don't know if it's because I'm just having me time. I should be hurting right now."

He continued: "When I met Ma, the spark was amazing. But as time went on, she was just chipping and chipping and chipping and chipping. I said up there, 'Babe, you're pushing me away'. And I went to bed that night and in my head I was like, when I wake up I have to break up with her.

"I don't know how I going to do it but I can't continue like this, it's killing me. I just want to be happy with someone. I want to move forward, not move back into my past."

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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