Love Island: Alex Bowen tells Olivia Buckland he won't make things "official" in the villa

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Love Island's Alex Bowen has told Olivia Buckland he wouldn't make a relationship "official" in the villa.

In Friday night's episode, the couple have a heart-to-heart about their status and what might happen when the show ends and they're back in the real world.

And it seems Alex is feeling unsure about it all…

Love Island's Olivia and Alex talk
Episode 26


Love Island's Olivia and Alex talk
Episode 26


Other couples have made it "official" this series including Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson, Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon, and Rykard Jenkins even left to be with eliminated Rachel Fenton.

But Alex tells Olivia he doesn't want to make anything "official" inside the villa: "If people want to make it official in here, then fair play. I don't think I would. It would be good to meet up when we get out obviously. You've got to take each day as it comes."

Olivia replies: "You don't know what it's going to be like. This is different from real life relationships. It's a holiday romance isn't it? I know boys like you."

She was previously left upset at learning Alex had slept with Zara Holland during their night in the hideaway, despite him admitting he had a "thing" for Olivia.

"I've already been made to feel like an idiot once in here and now I've been made to feel like an idiot again," she said at the time, asking Alex: "Why would you do that? That puts me off."

Alex told her he never intended it to happen, explaining: "I was lying there and it just happened. I was just happy just to have a spoon and go to sleep. And that's the truth that is. And then obviously it just happened. I didn't think about mugging you off or being a pr**k to you."

"I do like you, and I feel like I click better with you," he told Olivia. "It was just my first day here. I want to still carry on speaking to you, and just get to know you a bit more."

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.