Love Island's Malin on Terry choosing to stay: 'I trust him completely; he (and Tina) showed me respect'

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Love Island's Malin Andersson has said she trusts Terry Walsh after he chose to stay in the villa following her dumping this week.

Make-up artist Malin was booted off the show in the latest public vote on Wednesday evening (22 June), and Terry immediately vowed to follow her homeā€¦ but then had second thoughts and opted to remain.

Terry and Malin are sent out of the villa on a date on 'Love Island'. Broadcast on ITV2HD

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Malin left the show on Wednesday.

Watching the episode, Malin, who is now back in the UK, told her Twitter followers: "I know what me and Terry have. Strongest feelings. Actions speak louder than words. I trust him completely. He showed respect to me."

Terry admitted to the boys he was feeling confused about what to do. He wanted to be with Malin but also wanted to stay on Love Island as he was enjoying the experience.

He said: "It's a difficult one, because I can't guarantee I'm even going to be with Malin in a month's time. I know I'll be watching from the outside going 'I wish I was with the boys' as well. I love every one of you boys as well, that's what's making it so much harder. I'm not just leaving for her; I'm leaving you boys for her.

"If I left, I wouldn't be happy with her because I'd be missing everyone else as well."

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh on ITV's Love Island, 2/6/16


Malin and Terry were a strong couple.

Love Island Episode 25: Terry tells the boys he's unsure whether to stay or leave


Terry was confused about what to do.

Terry mulled it over, before deciding to stay, saying if he's meant to be with Malin, he will be with her, and no new arrivals would be able to sway that.

"The easy option is me to go with her," he said. "That's what I was going to do last night; I was adamant I was going to leave with her. After sleeping on it, I feel if I walked out the door now I'd regret not trying to see it through and not giving it a chance. I just need to clear my head and roll with the dices."

"It's going to be a test now - if another bird comes in, it's my test," he added. "If for whatever reason a girl comes in and takes my breath away, then I ain't meant to be with Malin. As s**t as that sounds, I just don't know how it's going to go."

Love Island episode 25: Terry and Tina couple up as friends


Tina agreed to partner Terry as friends.

Love Island episode 25: Terry and Tina couple up as friends


He turned down Liana's offer to couple up.

Love Island episode 25: Malin reacts to Terry's decision to stay and couple Tina as friends

© Twitter / @malinsaramakeup

Malin's reaction to the episode.

Terry decided he needed to couple up with somebody in case of a recoupling, but didn't want to betray Malin, so he approached new girl Tina Stinnes to ask if she'd partner him as friends.

I think like she's a cool girl. We can just get to know each other on a friendship level. I've been in this bubble with Malin, and I'm not saying I'm going to get with her. If your partner goes, like mine has, you have to take it as a positive thing and as a test."

She agreed.

Malin told her Twitter followers: "I trust him completely. He showed respect to me. And I respect Tina too.. I'll just be watching him with anticipation and waiting for him! Ignoring all the haters saying he's straying. He's in a tough situation. I know him well, just watch and see!

"And if I'm a mug.. Let it be! It will be a lesson learnt. Let's wait and see."

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.

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