Referendum In Chelsea: Jamie, Binky, Toff and Mark-Francis debate Brexit (and it's brilliant!)

Published Wednesday, Jun 22 2016, 10:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Made In Chelsea is encouraging young people to vote in tomorrow's EU Referendum... and having a little bit of fun at the same time!

A new skit featuring Jamie Laing, Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo, Binky Felstead and Mark-Francis Vandelli has been released, ahead of the big vote on Thursday, 23 June.

Combining politics with fun, the short video is rather hilarious, as the Chelsea gang compare the Brexit question to being single or in a relationship, and wonder whether an exit from Europe means no more Eurovision.

The Best Quotes from Referendum In Chelsea:

1. "We have to enjoy this may be the last time we can enjoy some Pinot Noir and poussin because we might be leaving Europe."

2. "I love a Brexit. It's like an armageddon of Frosties and Kit-Kats, put together in a cereal box. Delicious."

3. "There are two mates, David and Boris, who were friends at Eton. Now one is saying get out, and the other one is saying stay in and they're falling out over it."

4. "You could almost be Boris and Toff's love child. I'm going to call you Boff."
Mark-Francis to Jamie

5. "If we leave does it mean we're not part of Eurovision?! Shut up!"

6. "I'm not part of a single market. I'm in a relationship. It took me ages to find Frankie and now I'm in a relationship you're saying that will all change?"

7. "Staying in the EU is like spooning, leaving the EU is like spreading out on a big bed by myself."

8. "Voting is so in, even if the polling stations are absolutely ghastly."

9. "[The referendum] is like Alexander McQueen's last collection, it will never happen again."