Love Island: Scott is warned away from Kady by his twin brother Emmerdale star Adam Thomas

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Love Island: Scott Thomas receives a phone call from his twin brother and Emmerdale star Adam Thomas, and he's warning him to steer clear of Kady McDermott.

Fans will know that Scott and Kady's romance has recently hit the rocks. Trouble first surfaced when Kady ventured out on a date with Love Island's latest evictee James Khan and Scott called her out for being "distant with him."

She questioned whether she had a future with Scott, but still chose to re-couple with him. Now, though, the tables have been turned and viewers watched Scott split with Kady, after she hit out at newcomer Tina and called her a "c***" for setting her sights on Scott...

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott make up, Love Island
20 June


Scott had broken things off with Kady, telling her their relationship was "toxic." However, last night's episode showed the pair kissing and making up, after Scott was persuaded to give things another go.

He told Kady she had been given a taste of what he was put through, when she briefly considered ditching him for James, and made Kady promised that they stay together for the duration of their time together in the villa.

Has he made the right decision, though?

Twitter were divided when it came to Scott giving Kady another shot, and in tonight's episode of Love Island, he finds out that his twin brother Adam is not so keen on his new flame.

Adam tells him: "From the outside looking in, you need to man up. Tell her to jog on. On the outside, she's playing games and treating you like a mug. Get with Tina and then the game could begin bro."

Love Island: Scott Thomas gets phone call from home from twin brother Adam
21 June


Scott admitted that he doesn't fancy Tina and when he pointed out that Kady had still picked him, despite being tempted by James, his brother tells him: "I think she chose you because she didn't want to look like a d**k."

Getting the feeling that Scott wants to stay with Kady, Adam offers his brother a word of warning. He says: "I just think you need to put her in her place a little bit. Just be careful, tread carefully. I think she's trying to manipulate you. From the outside, we're so proud and we're all rooting for you."

Will he make Scott second guess his future with Kady?

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Adam has made no secret of the fact he isn't Kady's biggest fan. Last week, when Kady re-coupled with Scott, Adam tweeted: "Hope he gets rid but think he'll stick with her, fingers crossed he gets with the new girl #loveisland @scottyspecial."

He then added, during Scott and Kady's reconciliation after their huge fallout: "For those of you asking is that my brother in love island ... It's not I disowned him about 10 minutes ago."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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