Love Island: Scott and Kady kiss and make up after MAJOR fallout - how did Twitter react?

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Love Island: Scott Thomas may have ended his "toxic" relationship with Kady McDermott, but by the end of last night's episode the pair had kissed and made up, causing Twitter to become completely divided over their romance.

While some think Scott is crazy to get back with Kady after her actions towards new girl Tina, some are pretty please the pair have now aired out their issues, and others - well they're finding the drama of Scott and Kady going back and forth constantly a tad stressful...

Kady McDermott, Love Island
21 June


In last night's episode of the show, Scott and Kady majorly fell out over newcomer Tina. She had been given the opportunity to put one couple on a break and chose to banish Kady to the hideaway, so she could enjoy a date night with the Scott.

Fans then saw Kady shout, "You're a c***," at Tina when she saw her leaving the villa with Scott, and that only ended up pushing Scott away even more. He was already wary of Kady, after she distanced herself from him and enjoyed a date with Love Island's latest evictee James Khan, and had been drawn to Tina as she is usually his type.

He apologised to Tina for Kady's behaviour and told her he wanted to get to know her more. When the pair returned from their date, Malin told Scott that Kady had seen him as a "challenge" before, but now they're together, she implied Kady had lost interest.

Scott was quick to confront Kady through the wall of the hideaway, but she denied Malin's claims and reuniting with Scott the next morning, the pair came to blows.

Kady said she was "gutted" that Scott had been listening to other people and wasn't willing to believe her. She insisted she was only interested in him and was willing to make their relationship work.

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott make up, Love Island
20 June


He had already made his mind up, though. Scott told Kady their relationship was "toxic." He said: "We can't make it work. We're done. It can't work. It's toxic. I know that's horrible but you've brought that on yourself. You've pushed me away. You've mugged me off. I hate seeing you upset but you've done it to yourself. It's not about anyone else. I don't want to be with anyone else. But we can't be together."

When Kady commented that she would be "dumped from the island" if they split, that only solidified Scott's choice. He said: "That's your first reaction..."

They did, however, manage to clear the air and by the end of the episode, it looked like Kady and Scott's romance was back on again.

When Scott questioned if she was sorry about how she had acted, Kady said: "I've been so chilled today, I've been giving you space, I've done everything. I've talked to people and I've said, 'I'm learning I need to think before I speak, and I can't control my emotions.' Maybe it is an age thing. I'm always used to getting my own way and being in control of everything..."

Scott replied: "What you have been through in the last 24 hours is what I went through. Now you know how I felt, you needed that to happen. If we give it another chance now, that can't ever happen again? If we're going to move forward, I need to know that... if any guy walked in here now, you'd stay?"

Kady told him: "On my life."

"The way I look at this we are in this together, if you go, I go. If we go together, then I'm happy to do that," Scott added. "I can't go through that again.

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott make up, Love Island
20 June


Fans were quick to react to the couple's U-turn on Twitter, and it's fair to say Scott and Kady have left people pretty divided.

One fan commented: "Scott is as stupid as Kady! Why get back with her after seeing all that?! #loveisland." Another said: "Kady is such an annoying little brat. Ditch her Scott! #TeamTina #LoveIsland."

Others were in favour of the pair reuniting: "Really hope Kady&Scott stay together. #PerfectCouple #LoveIsland" While some have grown tired of the couple's constant fallouts: "Scott and Kady are both coming across as such losers! I know they are entertaining but they frustrate me! Time to leave! #loveisland."

Can they make their romance work?

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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