Big Brother: Charlie tells ex-boyfriend Jason she will "fight for him" to take her back

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Big Brother: Charlie is reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jason in tonight's episode of the show and she tells him she is going to "seize the opportunity" to win him back.

Fans will know that Charlie has been living in Big Brother's second house as one of The Others and while she knew her ex Jason was a housemate, he was unaware she was living next door to him.

During Friday night's first live eviction (17 June), the identity of The Others was revealed to the housemate and it's fair to say Jason looked pretty shocked to see his former flame.

Big Brother Charlie and Jason come face-to-face
20 June

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On revealing her identity, Charlie had made a plea to Jason. She told him she loved him and asked Jason to take her back. In tonight's episode, Charlie and Jason finally come face-to-face as The Others enter the main house to become housemates.

Hugging when they see each other, Jason tells Charlie he will "have her back" in the house and when the group discuss sleeping arrangements, Charlie jokes that she wouldn't mind sharing with Jason.

She tells him: "I don't mind top and tailing with you! I'd like to have a little cuddle with you."

Charlie then tells her ex-beau that she is willing to "fight for" their relationship. She had burst into tears when she found out Jason was a housemate, and has previously said she wants the pair to rekindle. Charlie said: "I just want to be back with him because he's a lovely guy. He's an amazing person. It'll be my biggest regret if we don't work it out."

Big Brother: Charlie learns ex-boyfriend Jason is in the house
8 June 2016

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Charlie had burst into tears after seeing Jason in the main house.

When Jason had found out Charlie was going to be joining him as a housemate, he asked his felllow housemates to "give her a chance" regardless of her history with him.

Jason said: "Regardless of my history with her and the problems I've had, please just be nice to [Charlie]. If she kicks off or anything, it's up to everyone how they deal with it. Just give her a clean slate and give her a chance."

He did, however, question why Charlie was on the show. Jason said: "To put somebody in here that I have known for a couple of years and was actually dating... we are still friends, but she could possibly come in here to get me out of a place I want to stay in.

"Her taking a place in here over genuinely wanting to be with me (even though it is a game) could potentially turn us into enemies after this. What a shame that would be. What a position to be put in."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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