Big Brother: Jackson and Georgina KISS after he criticises her "shocking flirting game"

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Big Brother: Jackson Blyton and Georgina Leigh Cantwell end up kissing, after he criticises her flirting.

Jackson has made no secret of the fact he fancies Georgina, but their time together was cut short, when he was targeted by The Others and later chosen to join them in Big Brother's second house.

Now, though, he and the rest of The Others have become housemates in the main compound, and Jackson doesn't hesitate to tell Georgina he has missed her.

Big Brother: Jackson tells Georgina he likes her
20 June

© Channel 5

In a conversation with Georgina, Jackson admits: "I've miss you, I'm not going to lie. I've kinda spat it out to everyone anyway. When I got drunk I lost it... I didn't cry. I never cried over you, but when you got nominated I didn't talk to anyone and then I got mad at Big Brother. I was like... 'She's got a f**king horse... When am I ever going to meet a girl who has a horse?" I don't like people like you and people like you don't like people like me, but then there's you."

Georgina, meanwhile, isn't so keen to share how she feels with Jackson. Although, she does hint that she could fall for him by saying: "I pick wrong'uns. You're probably such a wrong'un."

Big Brother: Jackson tells Georgina he likes her
20 June

© Channel 5

Jackson questions: "Are you happy to see me? Am I ever going to break you and find out how you feel?" Before telling Georgina: "Your flirting game is shocking darling."

She agrees, but that doesn't stop the pair from locking lips in bed together.

In scenes to air in tonight's episode of the show, Jackson tells Georgina he likes her once more when they are in bed and manages to steal a kiss - even if she does warn him: "I'm expensive! I love shoes and bags!"

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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