Big Brother's Marco Pierre White Junior feels like he has "let his dad down"

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Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Junior has said he feels like he has 'let his dad, celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, down a tiny bit' following his stint on the Channel 5 reality show.

Marco was the first housemate to be evicted during Friday night's live eviction (17 June), and during an appearance on ITV's This Morning, he opened up about his dad's reaction to him being on the show.

Marco explained that he had "upset" his dad with some of the comments he had made on Big Brother, but he did add that he has spoken to his father since leaving the house and he reassured Marco that he is "proud of him."

Marco Pierre White Junior, This Morning
20 June


Marco said: "[My dad] was a bit upset about some of the things that I mentioned on the TV show... but he is proud of me. I did speak to him this morning... I feel like I let him down a tiny bit to be fair."

According to the Daily Mail, Marco was referring to comments he had made about his partying and behaviour on the outside world. Marco had said his dad was aware of it, but had chosen to "ignore" it.

On Big Brother, fans watched Marco claim that he had spent £250,000 on prostitutes, alcohol and drugs. He said: "One summer holiday, I came back to London with no money, and my Dad says, 'You have spent a quarter of a million pounds in three months and what do you have to show for it?'

"I was like, 'f*** knows…I spent a quarter of a million pounds on prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol'."

Marco also came under fire for his sexual antics on the show, despite being engaged. On his entrance to the Big Brother house, Marco claimed his fiancée Kim Melville-Smith had given him a 'hall pass.' Viewers then saw him strike up a romance with housemate Laura Carter, that led to the pair having sex.

During his interview on This Morning, Marco confirmed he and fiancée Kim have now split. He revealed the pair are "just friends for the moment," and admitted he may have gone "too far" with his actions on the show.

Marco Pierre White Junior, Big Brother
12 June

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Marco added: "The arrangement we had, I was given a hall pass for BB. I was given a free pass to do anything I wanted or what I believed. Maybe I did push it too far and take full blame... I think we've decided to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks and just be friends for the moment. I think Kim's a great person. I don't regret what I did. I shouldn't have done what I did."

He then admitted that he doesn't think a hall pass could ever work in a relationship. When asked by Holly Willoughby if he thought that it could, Marco replied: "No I don't believe so. I didn't know that at the time. Honestly I thought that I would go into the Big Brother house, and then we would just move on how we were before I went in. It feels much different now."

Marco was evicted from Big Brother last week, and during his exit interview, he told host Emma Willis that he thinks the public voted for him to go because of his "relationship status."

He has now said that he was slightly "shocked" to have been given the boot. Marco said today: "I was a tiny bit surprised... but I kind of knew it was coming to be fair. It did shock me a tiny bit, I have to say [being the first], but I would have walked otherwise if one of the twins had been evicted."

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