Big Brother's Marco Pierre White Junior confirms split from fiancée Kim Melville-Smith?

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Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Junior has appeared to confirm he and his fiancée Kim Melville-Smith have split.

Marco, who had got engaged to Kim prior to entering the Big Brother house, fell out of favour with fans, after striking up a romance with housemate Laura Carter on the show.

On entering the house, Marco had claimed his fiancée had given him a 'hall pass' throughout his time in the Big Brother house. His steamy antics with Laura were caught on camera and included the pair passionately kissing, taking a shower naked together and having sex in the bedroom. Now, he has admitted he may have taken thing "too far" with Laura and revealed he and Kim are "just friends for the moment."

Big Brother 2016: Marco

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Marco was the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday night (17 June), and appearing on ITV's This Morning earlier today, he discussed his relationship with Kim.

While Marco admitted he doesn't "regret" sleeping with Laura on the show, he did say he feels "guilty" over his actions.

Marco said: "The arrangement we had, I was given a hall pass for BB. I was given a free pass to do anything I wanted or what I believed. Maybe I did push it too far and take full blame..."

He continued: "I am in contact with [Kim] now. I think we've decided to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks and just be friends for the moment. I think Kim's a great person. I don't regret what I did. I shouldn't have done what I did.

"We spoke about the hall pass before, and I said, 'If it happens, it happens.' She basically said to me, 'Look, I'll give you a hall pass instead of you cheating, I'll accept [that] in case anything does happen.' We spoke about it and she knew the situation. She said, 'I'll give you a hall pass, it's fine, I'm not going to be mad, angry…'"

"I don't regret anything to do with Laura, I think she's a great person as well," Marco added. "I do feel guilty. I feel bad. I knew [Kim] was watching. In the Big Brother house, you do forget the outside world sometimes. It's crazy in there."

Marco had claimed on the show that he and his fiancée Kim are in an "open relationship." She, however, took to Twitter while he was in the house to deny his claims.

Kim instead tweeted: "FYI I said #hallpass NOT open relationship. I don't watch bb, but I heard this today. Worst thing I can't even talk to him #bbuk #bbmarco (sic)."

Holly Willoughby had asked Marco if he thinks having a hall pass could "ever work" and if you can really turn a blind eye when in a relationship. He replied: "No I don't believe so. I didn't know that at the time. Honestly I thought that I would go into the Big Brother house, and then we would just move on how we were before I went in.

"It feels much different now," he said. "It moved so fast with Kim..."

Following scenes being aired of Marco and Laura in bed together, and Marco implying he wanted to be single, Kim responded by tweeting to say she was "taking her mind off things."

In a discussion with his fellow housemate Emma Jensen, Marco had said: "Until I find the right person, I just want to be free, I just want to be a bird. Got any cool friends that I would be perfect for?"

Marco's housemates Andy West and Lateysha Grace had warned him about his flirty behaviour and his actions with Laura and how they may come across on the outside world.

Big Brother: Marco and Laura get steamy in the pool before showering naked
16 June 2016

© Channel 5

During the house's spook-themed task, The Others had written, 'Marry me?', across Marco's portrait. After seeing that, he began to worry about his fiancée Kim and told Lateysha: "They put, 'Marry me?' on my picture, that's a bit too much. If they break me up with my fiancée that's f**ked."

She replied: "I think if anyone broke up things with your fiancée, it's down to you. Do you know what I mean?"

In another conversation, Latyesha had challenged Marco about his relationship with Kim. She said: "I'm going to be honest, that is bad on both girls…Do you think that she is going to be upset about what happened?...I just think that you should think about it before you go putting rings on people's fingers."

Marco later became the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house during Friday's first live eviction. In his exit interview, when asked by host Emma Willis why he thinks he was voted out by the public, Marco replied: "Maybe cos of my relationship status with my fiancée..."

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