Exclusive: Love Island's James Khan claims Kady McDermott made "the wrong choice" coupling with Scott

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Love Island star James Khan has claimed Kady McDermott made "the wrong choice" choosing Scott Thomas to couple up with her instead of him.

James had entered the villa as a new arrival, but only lasted two days on the show, as he failed to secure himself a partner in the latest re-coupling. Fans had thought he had a chance with Kady, after he appeared to win her over during their dinner date.

Kady had confessed to "fancying the pants off the James", but it wasn't enough to get her to couple up with him. Speaking exclusively to Reveal on his exit, James told us: "I knew 100 percent what Kady was going to do."

Scott Thomas and James Khan at the re-coupling, Love Island
17 June


Kady had to decided between James and Scott.

He said: "I'm alright about [leaving]. I was only in there for two days, [Scott and Kady] had been together for two weeks so what do you expect? She should have picked me... She made the wrong choice. She's missed out on some brilliant fun."

James added: "I knew 100 percent what Kady was going to do... [Kady and Scott] are a sh*t couple. They argue all the time. Every time they talk, they argue. I haven't seen him make her smile once."

Following his date with Kady, James had given his co-star something to think about and Kady began to question her feelings for Scott. She wondered whether she thought she liked Scott more than she actually does, and admitted their constant bickering had "drained" her.

When Scott confronted Kady about being distant with him, she questioned whether the pair actually have a future together on the outside.

She claimed they didn't, otherwise they would have made their relationship official already, prompting Scott to tell Kady he was "done" with their relationship and the pair appeared to split.

Kady McDermott and James Khan, Love Island
16 June


We asked James if he regretted not setting his sights on Zara Holland (as she was single in the villa, and wasn't already coupled up), but he insisted he didn't.

"No way. F**k that," he said. "She is so annoying. That date would have just been dead. She says some inappropriate sh*t and she's too full on. I don't think she fits in. She'd too nice for the house, it's not a bad thing, but in there it is."

James claimed that Kady was the only girl he clicked with. He continued: "Kady was the only girl that when I talked to her, I felt like I clicked with her. Conversation flowed and she had some sexy ar*e eye contact too. She's not my usual type, but I like her feistiness."

"When I say I have a type, that's tall and blonde, but it's not just about their looks," James added. "It's about the way they chat to me. Kady was perfect for that."

Having only lasted two days in the villa, James told us he would jump at the chance to head back onto the show if the opportunity arose. And if he did get to make a comeback, he knows exactly what he wants.

"I wouldn't do anything differently," he claimed. "I'd go straight for Kady again and try and cause some more sh*t..."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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