Love Island: Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell are official! Finally!

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Love Island: Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell are now an official couple. Finally!

Sophie and Tom have been coupled up together since day one, and after many conversations about taking their relationship to the next stage - they've finally done it.

And while Sophie doesn't hesitate to say yes, she does admit that she wanted the one to be popping the question...

Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon, Love Island
7 June


In scenes to air on tonight's episode of the show, Sophie finally reveals she is ready to commit to Tom. Fans have seen her toying with the idea recently, and despite Tom making it pretty clear he wants the pair to put a label on things, Sophie admitted she wasn't quite ready to call Tom her boyfriend.

Since then, the pair have clashed (especially when Adam showed an interest in Sophie on his arrival to the villa), but it seems like now Sophie is keen to give her relationship with Tom a real go.

She confesses: "I really want to go on a date with Tom. I'm gonna ask him to be my boyfriend. If I go on a date with him. I'm not doing it in the house, I'm not doing it in front of everyone."

Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon become an official couple, Love Island


Tom, however, beats her to it and grabs the opportunity when the pair are alone by the pool. He tells Sophie: "I know we've had our ups and downs in here. Since day one, I've been crazy about you. You took me totally by surprise, I didn't expect to come in here and meet someone like you."

He says: "I know I've been a moody git a lot of the time, and I take things to heart because I care about you so much. Little things do upset me. I'm sorry for that. I genuinely am. But I came here and I didn't expect to meet someone like you, I didn't expect to feel like I did. You caught me off guard totally and I'm absolutely crazy about you. I am."

"I'd really like to be able to call you my girlfriend. Will you?" He asks.

Sophie responds: "I'd like to call you my boyfriend." N'aww.

Later in the beach hut, she does confess, though: "I wanted to ask him! I wanted us to ask go on a date and I wanted to ask him to be my boyfriend because I felt like it was up to me to do it, but I'm absolutely overjoyed that he did."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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