Love Island: Who will Kady choose to re-couple with? Scott Thomas or James Khan?

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Love Island: Who will Kady McDermott choose to re-couple with? Scott Thomas or James Khan?

Fans will know that Kady has been coupled up with Scott almost from the get-go. The pair had seemed pretty into each other, but their constant arguments lately have meant cracks have started to show.

So much so, that when Kady was asked to join newcomer James on a dinner date, she confessed to "fancying the pants off him" and admitted she was tempted to cool things off Scott...

Scott Thomas and James Khan at the re-coupling, Love Island
17 June


Scott, meanwhile, revealed he hasn't been happy paired up with Kady. Opening up to Kady about how he feels, Scott claimed she "talks down" to him and noticed Kady had been being distant with him lately.

He said: "The last day I feel like you've been talking to me like a piece of sh*t, not being affectionate and this and that. Every time I speak, you've been shutting me down. I feel like basically I've turned into your b*tch.

"You have been the best part of this thing for me, but yesterday and today, you have completely switched. Honestly, I don't want to f**king lose you. But I swear to god, I would rather be on my own and go home, than be unhappy."

Kady told him she feels "drained" from their relationship and questioned whether the couple actually have a future together on the outside. That prompted Scott to tell her he was "done" and the pair appeared to split.

He said: "If you don't want to say anything or fight for it, it's done then. It was good while it lasted, but it's done. I'm not re-coupling with you. You re-couple with whoever you want because I'm not living in some fake bullsh*t."

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott split, Love Island
16 June


In tonight's episode of Love Island, the islanders are told that a re-coupling will be taking place, and Kady frets over her decision. Does she stay with Scott and try and work at their romance? Or does she pursue something new with James?

Confiding in the other girls, she tells them: "Me and Scott - obviously I absolutely adore him, but the last two days I have been pushing him away. I wanted time away, and then obviously the time I wanted apart, two boys came in. I went on a date with James. He's so sweet. He's so nice and I get on with him really well.

"I feel like Scott is really negative and I feel like he doesn't want to be here anymore. I feel like the only reason he's here is because of me... We are bickering. At first it was flirty banter, but now I'm like, I'm bored, I'm drained."

The girls tell Kady to follow her heart and do what she think will be best for her. Olivia says: "You need to go with your heart and you need to remember that this journey is for you, not anyone else. This is your experience."

When Kady admits she feels like she's "stuck" with Scott now, Cara advises: "That's not a reason to stay with someone because you feel stuck."

Who will she choose?

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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