Geordie Shore: Kyle Christie hopeful he and ex Holly Hagan can rekindle romance?

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Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie has suggested he is hopeful he and ex-girlfriend Holly Hagan can rekindle their romance.

He and Holly first got together during series ten of Geordie Shore, and following their split in Greece a series later, things between the pair had been very on and off.

They did get back together shortly after their break up, but appeared to split for good in November last year. Holly has previously not ruled out the idea of her and Kyle reuniting, could he now be suggesting the same?

Kyle Christie surprises Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
27 May


Kyle grabbed our attention by liking a telling tweet about himself and Holly on Twitter yesterday (15 June). It read: "I think you and @HollyGShore make a really lovely couple. Fingers crossed you get back together sometime."

By liking the fan's comments, does that mean Kyle agrees? Could he and Holly really get back together?

Speaking about the pair's relationship back in April, Holly exclusively told Reveal: "Kyle and I still speak and we're still really good friends, so who know what'll happen in the future?"

"When you've got strong connection with someone, you can say it's over as much as you like, but it never really is," she said.

Although Holly did add that the pair's history has put strain on their relationship, she added: "The thing is with me and [Kyle], there is still so much there and so much that has been said, we just end up arguing. [The break up] is still difficult, but it is getting easier."

Currently, Holly and Kyle's friendship definitely seems to be back on track. The couple had gone through a period of not speaking, but seem on much better terms nowadays, with Kyle even joking recently that he wants to be a part of Holly's wedding on Twitter.

He tweeted: "It just didn't work out, she's still one of my best friends. Hopefully, I'll be invited to her wedding one day @HollyGShore... If there's sausage rolls [I'll] come, I will even do a speech or be your maid of honour."

Kyle's liked tweet comes after fans recently watched Holly and Kyle reunite on Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle. Holly had announced she was single on her return to the house and explained her split with Kyle had been a "horrible time."

That didn't make things too difficult, though, when he returned to the house for the series, with Holly admitting she "couldn't be happier" to see Kyle back with everyone again.

Kyle, meanwhile, said: "It's actually so good to see Holly's face. I took that girl to hell and back and she's still buzzing to see us. That means the world to us."

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
14 June


During the show's final episode, fans watched as things got pretty emotional for the ex-couple. Saying goodbye to Holly as he headed back home, Kyle broke down in tears.

He hugged her and told his former flame: "You're the only girl I've ever loved. I will always love you."

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