Big Brother: Jayne Connery confronts Chelsea Singh over their history?

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Big Brother: Jayne Connery appears to confront Chelsea Singh over their mysterious history, telling him she'll "forget everything" if he apologises to her.

Fans are aware that Jayne fell out with Chelsea prior to appearing on Big Brother, but the reasons behind their fallout and what actually happened between the pair is still unknown.

Last night (14 June), Jayne got revenge on Chelsea by taking away his housemate status in a live twist, and forcing him to join The Others in Big Brother's second house. Despite a few technical glitches during the broadcast, fans could make out the awkward exchange Jayne and Chelsea had on reuniting, but a confrontation between the pair didn't follow.

Chelsea Singh and Jayne Connery, Big Brother
15 June

© Channel 5

In fact, their reunion was pretty subdued. When Chelsea entered the other house, Jayne greeted him by saying: "Hi Chelsea." He kissed her on the cheek and replied: "Oh my god, how are you?"

While their interaction had seemed a little tense, it wasn't completely clear that Jayne had felt uncomfortable until she was asked if she was ok by her fellow housemates. She said: "I'm ok now, yeah."

In a new video shared on the Big Brother website, Jayne appears to bring up her past with Chelsea.

She tells him: "If I get an apology, we'll forget it. Everything. We'll forget it. Take the camera off, let's have an apology and then I'll forget it all. If not, don't talk to me Chelsea - simple as that. I won't hold it against you. I love you, your my mate. Let's just get along while we're in here."

Chelsea, meanwhile, seemed reluctant to say sorry to Jayne. He said: "No, no... let's just keep it like that. What is this f**king gameshow? It's completely a game changer."

Jayne says: "The thing is you're playing with the devil. I signed up for it, but I didn't think you would be here."

Chelsea Singh, Big Brother
15 June

© Channel 5

Their conversation continues and Chelsea explains why he decided to sign up for Big Brother.

He says: "The reasons for me coming in here is for me to see and know what my life situation is, and how it should be. I've learnt and realised that my life, how it has been, is wrong."

Jayne responds: "Well that's a bit of honesty, thank you. I admire honesty."

Will we ever find out what really went down between the pair? Well, Jayne does hint at the pair being romantically linked in tonight's episode of the show (15 June).

Shedding some light on her connection to Chelsea, Jayne admits they have kissed and tells Natalie: "He was the one after me, I told him I didn't want a relationship as he was with someone, I have proof of that. He told me he didn't have a partner, it was never a romantic thing, he wanted it and I said no, he's not my type. I wanted him as a friend."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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