Geordie Shore: Kyle Christie breaks down in tears saying goodbye to Holly Hagan

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Geordie Shore: Kyle Christie broke down in tears as he told Holly Hagan she is the "only girl he has ever loved."

We told you thing were going to get emotional and in last night's final episode of Big Birthday Battle, tears were shed as our Geordie faves packed their things and said their goodbyes.

For Kyle, it all got a little too much and he broke down as he said goodbye to his co-stars and his ex-girlfriend.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
14 June


Fans will remember that Kyle's exit from Geordie Shore was on a sour note. Following the fallout of his and Holly's first split in Greece, Kyle fell out with the rest of the house and was forced to leave Greece, after his co-stars gave him and Holly an ultimatum: one of them had to go.

They had grown tired of the exes constant arguing, and things came to a head when Kyle ended up fighting with Aaron Chalmers and Gaz Beadle.

The show's five year special gave Kyle a chance to return to the house, after he quit last year, and put things right. He told his co-stars he was just there to have fun and on leaving, he said: "I have absolutely loved every minute of being in that house."

Addressing the group, an emotional Kyle told them: "I just want to say that when I left in Greece, I thought I had lost my family. Then I realised that I haven't and I want to thank you all."

He made his way to the door and was followed by Holly and although the pair are now no longer together, that didn't mean it hadn't been difficult to say goodbye.

In tears, Kyle hugged Holly and confessed: "You're the only girl that I have ever loved." He told her: "I will always love you."

Kyle Christie surprises Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
27 May


Holly and Kyle became an official item at the end of series ten, but viewers later watched them split a series later. When Holly returned from Greece, Kyle announced he had quit Geordie Shore, but they did rekindle their romance briefly.

Holly revealed she and Kyle were dating again in series twelve of the show, but fans watched her struggle with balancing her relationship and living in the Geordie Shore house. As a result, she returned for Big Birthday Battle and revealed she was single again.

Fans will know that things had turned sour between Holly and Kyle, as she revealed after their second split that the pair were no longer speaking. She revealed on camera that their break up had been a "horrible time" for her, but later admitted that she "couldn't be happier" to see Kyle back in the house again.

On his return, he gushed: "It's actually so good to see Holly's face. I took that girl to hell and back and she's still buzzing to see us. That means the world to us."

Following last night's episode, Kyle reflected on his time on Geordie Shore and tweeted: "For me the most important thing in life is love and family and i was lucky enough to experience both in Geordie Shore."

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