Geordie Shore: Can Chloe Ferry forgive Charlotte Crosby for kissing Marty McKenna?

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Geordie Shore: Can Chloe Ferry forgive Charlotte Crosby for kissing Marty McKenna?

She had said she will "never, ever forgive" Charlotte for kissing Marty, but will Chloe finally be able to make amends with Charlotte in tonight's final episode of Big Birthday Battle?

Charlotte is on a mission to make things right with both her and Gaz Beadle, and pleads with Chloe: "I am so physically sorry. I couldn't be more sorry, Chloe. I am so sorry!"

Chloe Ferry and Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
14 June


After breaking Chloe's trust and locking lips with the guy she has openly admitted to having feelings for, Charlotte tries to get her friendship with Chloe back on track.

She asks Chloe for her forgiveness and insists she will never do anything like that again, but that doesn't stop Chloe from breaking down in tears. She says: "What hurts the most is that it wasn't just a random girl. It was one of my best mates. I never ever thought she would do that to us."

Chloe then tells Charlotte: "You're one of my best friends and the only person out of all the girls I'll always go to first... I have not laughed once today. I've been the most down I have ever been in my life. I would never do that to you. Never ever."

She continues: "I never thought out of anyone, you would do that with Marty. You know how I feel about him. Obviously, I know you're hurt. I'm hurt and I know how much Gary means to you. Everyone gets drunk and does stupid things, but I would never do that to you."

Chloe then reveals: "I am going to forgive Charlotte, but it's going to take a long time to trust her again, because she really hurt us."

Gaz, meanwhile, isn't as accepting of Charlotte's apology. He and Charlotte had officially been seeing each other when she kissed Marty, prompting Gaz to leave the house when he heard the news.

Charlotte Crosby gives speech to win back Gaz Beadle, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
9 June


In scenes to air tonight, Gary returns to the house, but he tells Charlotte he is "done" with their romance. He tells her that she has left him "embarrassed", after he tried to give her everything she had ever wanted from him.

Charlotte, however, is determined not to lose Gary. And hoping she can win him over, she decides to deliver an emotional speech about her co-star beau on top of a kitchen table in front of an entire room full of people.

She says: "I just want to say that this boy here is literally not only my best friend, but he's my rock and since day one, I came in this house and we've been through so many ups and so many downs.

"I don't know a life in this house without Gary. If I was to ever lose him, I don't think I would be able to ever live in this house anymore. It's only ever been Gary, and it will only ever be Gary. That's all."

What will Gaz make of her grand gesture? Can they sort things out before they leave the house?

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle concludes tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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