Big Brother: The Others' Charlie wants to rekindle things with ex-boyfriend Jason

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Big Brother: The Others' Charlie admits she wants to rekindle her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jason Burrill.

Charlie is currently part of The Others and living in secret away from the main housemates. Jason, however, is a housemate in the main compound and fans recently watched Charlie break down in tears when she found out Jason was on the show.

She revealed that the pair had dated and Jason had been the one to split with her. Charlie admitted she still loves Jason, and in tonight's show, she reveals her hopes of the pair maybe giving their romance another go.

Charlie, Big Brother
13 June

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Charlie admits that she would like to rekindle things with her ex, and encouraging her to do so, Alex Cannon tells her that he believes the pair could reunite.

Charlie, meanwhile, gushes: "All I want is him."

Fans still don't know the reasons behind Charlie and Jason's split, but in her VT, Charlie had admitted to being "unfaithful" in the majority of her past relationships.

Jason said in his, meanwhile, that he had been trying to get rid of her for months.

It's not the first time Charlie has voiced her hopes of getting back together with her ex. During Saturday night's episode of Big Brother, she revealed that the pair had spent the night together just two weeks ago.

She said: "I could deal with an ex from three years ago because the feelings wouldn't be there anymore. It'd be done and dusted, but when it's as raw as this, it's a bit mean.

"He made out that he has been trying to get rid of me for the last three months - but he asked me to come and see him two weeks ago at his house and we spent the night together... I just want to be back with him because he's a lovely guy. He's an amazing person. It'll be my biggest regret if we don't work it out."

Jason Burrill, Big Brother
9 June

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Jason is Charlie's ex-boyfriend.

Charlie is yet to gain official housemate status. She and the rest of The Others have been targeting the main housemates, in a bid to try and steal their places in the main compound.

On Friday night (10 June), viewers saw Ryan Ruckledge and Andrew Tate leave The Others and join the main house, after being voted by the public to complete a secret mission.

They have been told to instil paranoia into the group and will need to persuade the housemates to nominate a person of their choosing, in order for them to become an official housemate.

Alex and Jackson Blyton, meanwhile, were evicted by The Others during last week's fake eviction. Emma Willis then revealed that in a twist, Alex and Jackson had become part of The Others and will now need to fight to earn back their place in the main house.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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