Love Island: Villa RE-COUPLES and Zara gets rejected by new boy Adam

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Love Island: Zara Holland is left in tears, as she gets rejected by new boy Adam Maxted at the next re-coupling.

In tonight's show, viewers will see the islanders couple up for the third time, but things don't exactly go to plan for Miss Great Britain Zara.

She's made no secret of how much she fancies Irish wrestler Adam, so it's no surprise she ends up completely gutted when he doesn't choose her to couple up with.

Zara Holland rejected by Adam Maxted, Love Island
10 June


Things had been looking good for Zara. She and Adam had been getting to know each other, and things got pretty flirty between the pair on their vineyard date.

Zara set the tone when when Adam revealed his favourite things were "boobs and food", by replying: "Well, I've got the boobs... and you can eat me if you want?"

Still, her cheeky charms weren't enough to get him to pick her - even if he had been toying with the idea.

Not only had he shown an interest in Zara, but Adam had dated Olivia and Sophie too (which ended up being a controversial choice as she is coupled up with Tom Powell).

After Sophie had pretty much 'pied' Adam off by telling him her loyalites lie with Tom, he then weighed up his options between Olivia and Zara.

He said: "With Olivia, I fee like I get on the most with her. There's a little bit of flirting there and she's the most fun to get on with and I have the best connection with her so far, but she hasn't been as direct as Zara has been.

"i'm surprised I get on with Zara as well as I do, before coming in I didn't think she was a bit of me, but the more I spend time with her, she's a really lovely girl."

Zara Holland rejected by Adam Maxted, Love Island
10 June


In the end, he opts to go for Olivia. Cue the tears from Zara...

She tells Kady: "I can't handle this, I really can't. Every time, what do I do wrong? Every time I like a guy... I just feel like every time I fall for a guy it just ends s*** and I'm just like, 'What do I do wrong?'"

Later breaking down in the beach hut, Zara adds: "It just gets to me more that he won't realise. I don't want to cry. Stop crying. Stop being stupid, idiot.

"The thing is like, I knew it was going to happen, but there's always that little bit of you that thinks, 'Oh, you know, it might not happen'. But it's happened again."

Oh, Zara!

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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